Exhibitor List

10x Genomics 1100
23andMe 1001Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
4p- Support Group 1220Facebook URLYouTube URL
ACMG 419Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
ADS BIOTEC 836Facebook URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
Agilent Technologies 903
Alexion Pharmaceuticals 807
Allele Diagnostics 808Twitter URLLinkedIn URL
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 536
Ambry Genetics 801Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics 420Facebook URL
American Society of Human Genetics 422Facebook URLTwitter URL
Amicus Therapeutics 631Twitter URLLinkedIn URL
Applied Spectral Imaging 909Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
ArcherDX 1012Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URL
ARUP Laboratories 706Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
Association for Creatine Deficiencies 433Facebook URLTwitter URLYouTube URL
Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) 424Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
AstraZeneca 308
Asuragen, Inc. 837Twitter URLLinkedIn URL
Baby's First Test 410Facebook URLTwitter URLYouTube URL
Baebies 413Twitter URLLinkedIn URL
Baylor Genetics 611
BioDiscovery, Inc. 525Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
BioDot, Inc. 1108
BioMarin Pharmaceutical 701
BioMarin Pharmaceutical 702
BioNano Genomics 936Twitter URLLinkedIn URL
BioView USA inc. 319
Blueprint Genetics 1031Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URL
Bohring-Optiz Syndrome Foundation, Inc. 434Facebook URL
Canon BioMedical, Inc. 412
Celemics 1223
CGC Genetics 915Facebook URL
Cincinnati Children's Hospital 314Twitter URL
Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE) 1218
City of Hope - Outreach Laboratories 1111
Claritas Genomics 632
ClinGen 514Facebook URLTwitter URLYouTube URL
Color Genomics 321
Concert Genetics 1019
Congenica Ltd 1212Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
Connective Tissue Gene Tests 713
CooperSurgical Companies [Reprogenetics, Recombine, & Genesis Genetics] 813
Copan Diagnostics, Inc. 1008Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URL
Coriell Institute for Medical Research 530Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URL
Counsyl 1101Twitter URL
Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc. 1205Facebook URLTwitter URL
Covaris 1018Twitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
Cytogenes 934LinkedIn URL
EdgeBio 913YouTube URL
EGL Genetics 612
Elsevier 1124
emedgene Technologies LTD 1137LinkedIn URL
EntroGen 1003Twitter URL
Envision Genomics 1022Twitter URL
Enzo Life Sciences 325
Fabric Genomics 931
FDNA 830Twitter URLLinkedIn URL
Fulgent Genetics 309Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URL
GBF Medical Group 1225
Geisinger Health System 512
GeneDx 401
GeneReviews 1123
GeneTests.org 408
Genome Magazine 1122Facebook URLTwitter URL
GENOMENON 1206Twitter URLLinkedIn URL
GenomeWeb LLC 1125Twitter URL
Global Genes 534
Golden Helix 414
Greenwood Genetic Center 624
Horizon Pharma 302
Horizon Pharma 519
Horizon Pharma 523
HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab 323
Human Longevity, Inc. 1221Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URL
Illumina, Inc. 618
Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. 1102Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
Integrated Genetics 409
Interactive Biosoftware 731Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis 430Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URL
Invitae 1037Facebook URLTwitter URL
KolGene 1104LinkedIn URL
Leica Biosystems 508Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
LexisNexis Risk Solutions 1119
Little People of America 333
Lumos Pharma 812Facebook URL
Macrogen Clinical Laboratory 415
MagBio Genomics, Inc. 310LinkedIn URL
Mayo Medical Laboratories 606Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
MetaSystems 923Facebook URLYouTube URL
Metis Genetics, LLC 1010Twitter URLLinkedIn URL
MLabs-University of Michigan 535Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URL
MLD Foundation 432Facebook URLTwitter URL
MNG Laboratories 313LinkedIn URL
Natera 1113
National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences: Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center 1203
National Coordinating Center for the Regional Genetics Networks (NCC) 418Facebook URLTwitter URL
National Death Index 736
Neurology: Genetics, American Academy of Neurology 1118Facebook URLTwitter URLYouTube URL
NGLY1.org 435Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
NIH Genetic Testing Registry / ClinVar / MedGen 531Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
Northwell Health/Cohen Children's Medical Center 1234
Omega Bio-tek 1109Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URL
Optra Health 1013Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URL
Oxford Gene Technology 610
Oxford University Press 1121
Partners Personalized Medicine Laboratory for Molecular Medicine (LMM) 515
Path-Tec 810
Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital 1005
Perinatal Quality Foundation 1210Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URL
PerkinElmer 814
Pfizer 707
Phoenix Children's Hospital 1208Facebook URLLinkedIn URL
PierianDx 511Twitter URL
POSSUMweb - MCRI 930
PreventionGenetics 709Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
Progenity 911
Progeny Genetics 806Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URL
Promega Corporation 737Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URL
Protalix 1219
Psyche Systems Corporation 533Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
PTC Therapeutics, Inc. 1222
QIAGEN Bioinformatics 912
Quest Diagnostics 1131
Rainbow Scientific, Inc./Genial Genetics 921
Ranomics 331Twitter URLLinkedIn URL
Recordati Rare Diseases 513Twitter URLLinkedIn URL
Recordati Rare Diseases 919Twitter URLLinkedIn URL
Retrophin 1135
Retrophin Medical Affairs 932
Roche Sequencing Solutions 507
Sampleminded 532
Sanofi Genzyme 501
Saphetor SA 1024Twitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. 312
SCC Soft Computer 607Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URL
SciGene 925YouTube URL
Seattle Children's Hospital - PLUGS Program 1021Twitter URLLinkedIn URL
Sema4 537Twitter URLYouTube URL
SeraCare Life Sciences 1107
Shire 601
SoftGenetics 1023
Sophia Genetics 634
Springer Nature 1112
Springer Nature 1114
Staff Icons, LLC 1036
Sunquest Information Systems 733
Support Organization for Trisomy 18, T13 & Related Disorders 1110
Swift Biosciences 1015Twitter URLYouTube URL
The Community Health Clinic 1236
The Focus Foundation 431
The Journal of Precision Medicine 1120Twitter URLLinkedIn URL
Thermo Fisher Scientific 1009
ThinkGenetic, Inc. 834Facebook URLTwitter URLLinkedIn URLYouTube URL
UAB Medical Genetics Laboratory 630
UCLA Clinical Genomics Center 637
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical 937
Undiagnosed Diseases Network 437Facebook URLTwitter URL
University of Chicago Genetic Services 831
UNMC Human Genetics Laboratory 1014
UW Medicine Center for Precision Diagnostics 335Facebook URL
Variantyx, Inc. 833Twitter URLLinkedIn URL
WuXi NextCODE 1224

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