Support, Promotion and Advertising Opportunities

Sponsorship and promotional opportunities increase each participating company’s visibility, and help ACMG provide attendees with valuable meeting resources and essentials such as coffee breaks, registration materials, Wi-Fi and much more. The integration of support, advertising and promotion into your exhibiting plan are proven activities that enable exhibitors to reach their entire target audience, and in doing so, maximize the number of qualified buyers and customers who are attracted to the booth.

Reserve your opportunity by committing to a sponsorship opportunity early! Sold items noted below in RED.


All Annual Meeting supporters and sponsors will receive:

  • Listing and acknowledgement on the ACMG meeting website
  • Listing and acknowledgement in the on-site Program Guide (agreement and payment received by February 5, 2016)
  • Acknowledgement on meeting signage
  • Priority Points for booth assignments

Sponsorships can be purchased by submitting the Sponsorship and Advertising Form or online when signing up for exhibit booth space or at a later date. Reserve your opportunity by committing to a sponsorship opportunity early! Sponsors will be listed on the ACMG Meeting website for up to four months prior to the meeting. In order to be listed in the on-site Program Guide, the sponsorship agreement form and payment must be received by January 20, 2017. 

First right of refusal for sponsorship and advertising placement will be given to the 2015 sponsor/advertiser of a particular service or event.  

Download the Sponsorship & Advertising Form to reserve and pay for your sponsorship or advertising commitment. 


American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) adheres to guidelines when working with outside funding to ensure independence and autonomy of both organizations. The program and sponsorship/support agreement must comply with industry guidelines (e.g., the American Medical Association, the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, Council of Medical Specialty Societies, and the Office of the Inspector General), operate within our principles of medical ethics and acceptable medical practice, and subsidize both direct and indirect program costs.

ACMG accepts financial and in-kind support from corporations, foundations, individuals, and other organizations only if such acceptance would not pose a conflict of interest and in no way impair the ACMG’s objectivity, influence, priorities, and actions. Support of ACMG services, events or programs does not permit influence over content, nor does it imply ACMG approval or endorsement of an organization’s policies or products, whether a service, event or program is funded by single or multiple sources.

  Download a pdf of the Sponsorship Prospectus. Descriptions of each sponsorship are in the Prospectus.

  Download a pdf of the Sponsorship/Advertising Application Form.

CLICK HERE to order Sponsorships Online. 

Educational Grants and Support Opportunities

Refreshment Breaks: $9,000 - $9,500
Registration Tote Bags: $18,000 
Writing Pens for Registration: $3,500
Lanyards: $9,000  SOLD
Notepads for Registration Bags: $4,500 
Content Recording "Free Access": Exclusive Sponsorship: $25,000 or Shared  Sponsorship  $15,000 (limit 2)
Genetic Counselors’ Luncheon Exclusive Support: $12,000 SOLD
Trainee-Mentor Luncheon Exclusive Sponsorship: $10,000
Speaker Ready Room Exclusive Support:  $3,000
Audience Response System Exclusive Support: $6,000 
Fellow, Trainee and Resident Travel Awards: $2,500 each 

Event and Meeting Services Support Opportunities

Opening Reception Held in the Exhibit Hall Exclusive Sponsorship: $90,000    Non Exclusive $10,000
Lunch Coupons: $1,500 per 100 Coupons
Cyber Café Exclusive Sponsorship: $17,000
Convention Center WiFi Exclusive Sponsorship: $25,000
Trainee, Resident, Fellow and Student Welcome Reception Exclusive Sponsorship: $9,000 SOLD
Fellow, Trainee and Resident Travel Awards: $2,500 each
Trainee/Resident/Fellow Lounge: Exclusive Sponsorship - $8,000
The Gathering Place - Exclusive Sponsorship: $3,500
Learning Lounges - Exclusive Sponsorship: $3,500 each

Advertising and Promotional Opportunities

Attendee Mailing List: $250 pre-meeting list; $325 post-meeting 

  Download the Mail List Order Form

Mailing List guidelines:

Projected attendance at the meeting will be approximately 2200-2500 genetics professionals.  Since pre-registration patterns are not predictable, quantities for the pre-meeting list cannot be quoted exactly, however for planning and printing purposes the quantity of names on the pre-meeting mailing list will be between 1700-2000.

The lists contain mailing address information only – ACMG does not release email addresses or demographic information. The lists are provided via email in Excel spreadsheet format only.  The names and addresses furnished by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) are the sole property of ACMG and are supplied to exhibiting organizations for a one-time use only. Lists will be seeded to monitor potential abuse.

Deadlines for Submission: Pre-Registrant List – February 17, 2017; Post-Meeting List – April 22, 2017  

Mobile App Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities
(various, see Sponsorship Prospectus for details)

Mobile App Gold Sponsorship - $9,000 - SOLD
Mobile App Silver Sponsorship - $5,000 - SOLD
Mobile App Banner Ads and Landing Pages - $1,500 each
Mobile App Alerts (limited number) - $700 each
Mobile App Green Package - Available to ALL exhibitors - FREE

On-site Advertising Opportunities

Power Charging Station: $8,000 each
Hotel Guest Room Key Cards Exclusive Sponsorship: $9,000 SOLD
Registration Bag Inserts $3,000 each (limit 6)  SOLD
Aisle Signs $2,000 each; all 9 aisle signs $10,000
Banners: $4,500 each
Window/Entry Door Clings: $3,000 each
Escalator Clings
Sold in pairs:  Inside of escalator – two clings - $9,000

Digital Promotional and Advertising Opportunities

ACMG Meeting Website Banner Ads: $2,500 each
ePosters Rotating Banners:  $2,500 each
Email Promotion - Banner Ad: $2,500 each  SOLD
Final Email - Banner Ad Exclusive Opportunity: $4,000 (limit 1) SOLD

Print Advertising Opportunities

Advertising opportunities are available in the Program Guide distributed to attendees at the following rates: 

Advertising Rates and Specifications
Placement Ad Size (Width x Height) Rate
Back Cover (4 Color) SOLD Full Page 8½" x 11"  $5,500
Front Inside Cover (4 Color) SOLD           Full Page 8½" x 11"  $5,000
Back Inside Cover (4 Color) SOLD Full Page 8½" x 11"  $5,000
Inside Ads Color SOLD Full Page 8½" x 11"  $2,500
Half Page 8½" x 5½ "  $1,800

Camera-ready art required. Closing date: January 20, 2017  *  Materials due: January 25, 2017

Year Round Advertising Opportunities to Reach ACMG Members

Take advantage of these two new exclusive sponsorship opportunities to enhance your brand awareness with the ACMG in Action e-zine or The ACMG Medical Geneticist member newsmagazine.

ACMG in Action Monthly Electronic Magazine (E-zine) Exclusive Sponsorship - $15,000
This monthly member e-magazine (“e-zine”) boasts a high level of readership and is an important way that our members stay “in the know” about genetics and genomics.  As the sole, exclusive annual sponsor of the ACMG in Action e-zine, your banner ad will be the only advertisement delivered to 2000+ ACMG members each month.

The ACMG Medical Geneticist Newsmagazine Exclusive Sponsorship - $10,000
This popular member magazine is mailed three times annually to all ACMG members.  As the exclusive, sole annual sponsor of our member newsmagazine, your full-page color ad will be the only non-ACMG ad in this high quality member magazine.

For more information, contact Kathy Beal, MBA, Director of Communications and Public Relations at

ACMG Foundation Corporate Partners Program

The ACMG Foundation’s (ACMGF) Corporate Partners Program maximizes your exposure to today’s leaders in medical genetics and genomics. ACMG members are an elite community, board certified in all areas of medical genetics. They created the science and brought it to where it is today. We recognize that therapeutic, diagnostic and other related businesses are our natural allies in translating genes into health. Partnering with ACMGF provides a forum in which industry and individual members of the profession can, together, find common causes in our shared imperative: effective diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases.

Corporate Partners receive benefits at their contribution level during the following calendar year including these benefits granted at the Annual Meeting:
• Listing in Annual Meeting Program Guide and on signage
• Recognition as a Partner during the Presidential Plenary session
• Priority points towards booth assignment
• ACMG Foundation Partner placard for booth
• Complimentary invitation to ACMGF Donor Recognition reception during Annual Meeting
• Corporate logo placement on Annual Meeting website
• One to three complimentary Annual Meeting registrations
• Mailing list of registered attendees provided before and after Annual Meeting

For more information on the Corporate Partners Program visit or contact the ACMG Foundation for Genetic and Genomic Medicine at or (301) 718- 2014.

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