Abstract submission for the 2018 ACMG Annual Clinical genetics meeting will open in October 2017. Submission deadline: December 8, 2017

Abstract Submission Information & Guidelines

Abstract Selection Procedure
The 2018 ACMG Program Committee will select the highest scoring abstracts for either oral or poster presentation and designate them to the appropriate session based on their topic area. Submitters will be notified of acceptance or rejection, and the format of abstract (Oral Platform or Poster) in late December 2017. NOTE: Acceptance as an oral platform or poster presenter for the 2018 ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics meeting does not cover the cost of travel to the meeting, registration for the conference, or printing of poster materials. In addition, please note that by submitting an abstract, the first author or designee agrees to attend the meeting and present the poster or take part in the oral platform presentations. 

Abstract presenters must register for full to attend the meeting. Registration opens in October 2017.

Abstracts must be submitted in English only. The material for presentation should be unpublished and original. Encore presentations are allowed, only if material was previously presented at a non-genetics meeting. 
You are allotted 4,200 characters (including spaces) for your abstract. The program will not allow submission if the maximum number is exceeded. If you cut and paste from a word document, use the Special Characters or Symbols menu to enter Greek letters, symbols, and for inserting HTML code such as bold, italic, super and subscripted symbols. Please note: scroll to the bottom of the special characters menu to locate HTML code such as bold, italic, super and subscripted symbols.
An individual may be first author (i.e.,  presenting author) of more than one abstract. If the first author has multiple accepted posters and has a conflict with the poster presentation schedule then it is acceptable to designate one of the co-authors to present one of the posters. The abstract number determines the schedule. The number of a poster cannnot be changed.
Once a presentation has been scheduled, a first author who is unable to make the presee submitted with the intention that they will be presented if selected. Do not submit an abstract if you will not attend the meeting. ntation in person is asked to notify ACMG immediately via e-mail (education@acmg.net) so that the replacement presenter can be sent appropriate instructions and a notation can be included in the program addendum.  Authors who do not present as scheduled and do not notify ACMG, in advance, of a need to cancel, may not be invited to present at future meetings. 

Disclosure: In accordance with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education and the policy of the American College of Medical Genetics, before their presentations, all Oral Abstract submitters must disclose the existence of any financial interest and/or other relationship(s) they might have with the manufacturer(s) or provider(s) of any commercial product(s) or service(s) to be discussed during their presentation. Any Oral Abstract presenter with a Financial Disclosure/Conflict of Interest will be contacted by the Program Committee for a slide review and must include a disclosure slide at the start of their presentation. The full text of the disclosure will appear on the website as part of the submission process. All submitters must complete this disclosure statement. Disclosures will be included in the on-site Program Guide. 

HIPPA Compliance by Presenters:  ACMG supports medical information privacy. While the ACMG is not a “covered entity” under HIPAA 1996 and therefore is not required to meet these standards, ACMG wishes to take reasonable steps to ensure that the presentation of individually identifiable health information at ACMG-sponsored events has been properly authorized. Every presenter must agree to one of the statements on the “Verification of HIPAA Authorization” included in the electronic submission site. Abstracts cannot be submitted without this verification of compliance.

How to Cite Abstracts
The following is a suggested style for citing ACMG Annual Meeting abstracts:
Smith J.A., Jones B., Exome Sequencing for Diagnosis of ABC Disorders; (Abstract #XX). Presented at the 2013 ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting, Date, Location (e.g., March 22, 2013, Phoenix, AZ ).
In your abstract citation, use the appropriate URL for the meeting in which the abstract was presented.

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