2017 Short Courses

Two half day Short Courses will be held on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 from 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM.  These courses are focused on one particular topic and allow participants an additional opportunity to accrue CME and CEUs. An additional registration fee is required. Registration fees are:

DECEMBER 28, 2016
DECEMBER 29, 2016 to
FEBRUARY 8, 2017
FEBRUARY 9, 2017
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 ACMG Member - Short Course Only  $270  $330  $380
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Variant Interpretation from the Clinician's Perspective  SOLD OUT

This session will explore clinical laboratory reports for next generation sequencing from either panels or whole exome sequencing and focus on the variant interpretation. The session will be aimed to help clinical health care providers in genetics better understand the reports they receive, participate in variant interpretation, apply the clinical phenotype to variant interpretation, and participate in re-analysis of variants at future dates to apply new information to the interpretation and diagnosis. 

The data that laboratories use to interpret variants will be reviewed and when applicable practically demonstrated. The session will review in depth the ACMG Standards and guidelines for the interpretation of sequence variants. In addition the session will demonstrate how different databases are utilized in variant interpretation and provide the participants with the skills and knowledge needed to obtain and utilize this data. 

Course Directors:
Darrel Waggoner, MD, FACMG, University of Chicago
Christa Martin, PhD, FACMG, Geisinger Health System (Autism and Developmental Medicine Institute)

Erin Riggs, MS, CGC, Geisinger Health System
Karen Wain, MS, LGC, Geisinger Health System (Autism and Developmental Medicine Institute)
Christa Martin, PhD, FACMG Geisinger Health System (Autism and Developmental Medicine Institute)
Darrel Waggoner, MD, FACMG, University of Chicago

NAMA at the ACMG 2.0
By popular demand, NAMA at the SIMD is back again this year.  The North American Metabolic Academy is a philanthropically funded intensive training program for Medical Genetics residents. In this session, faculty from NAMA will present a selection of topics from the NAMA curriculum that will allow ACMG attendees to take advantage of this unique program to update geneticists on physiology and clinical management of disorders of carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism.  

Course Directors:
Mark Korson, MD, Genetic Metabolic Center for Education
Jerry Vockley, MD, PhD, FACMG, University of Pittsburgh

Mark Korson, MD, Genetic Metabolic Center for Education
Jerry Vockley, MD, PhD, FACMG, University of Pittsburgh
Georgianne Arnold, MD, FACMG, FAAP, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
 David Kronn, MD, MD, FACMG, FAAP, Regional Medical Genetics Center


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