New Product Showcase

ACMG will feature a “What’s New Zone” on the exhibit floor and this area will highlight a “New Products Showcase”.  This will provide exhibitors with new products and/or services the opportunity to get additional exposure during the ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting.  This will provide an opportunity for attendees to see what's new and what's hot in the industry. They can look, study, compare, and then visit you at your booth for more information. This will add  excitement to the exhibits and focus further attention on your products.

Application and Eligibility Requirements for the New Product Showcase:  Any new product or service introduced since last year’s ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting (March 2016) will be considered. The product or display must be new for the participating company, not merely a revision. Only 2017 exhibitors with new product(s)/service(s) are eligible for New Product Showcase space.

Application:  A New Product Showcase Form is available for download or online application may be made.  Deadline:  December 16, 2016.  Cost per entry: $600. 

Shipping and Delivery:  Exhibitors may deliver the products themselves on-site by bringing the product with them to the Show and then bringing it to the “What’s New Zone”.   Or the product may be shipped in advance to the Freeman warehouse.  (Utilize labels/address found in the Exhibitor Service Kit – and mark booth as “What’s New Zone”.)  Pre-shipped products must be received at the Freeman Warehouse 3 weeks prior to the meeting. Pre-shipped products will be delivered to the Showcase area on Tuesday, March 21, where they must be retrieved and set up by a representative of the exhibiting company.

Product Display:  Display options are selected at the time of application and include display cubes, computer kiosk or sign holder.  Please note the following:

  • Display Cube:  Electrical and internet (if needed) must be ordered by the Exhibitor.  
  • Computer Kiosk:  Computer with software or product installed must be supplied by the Exhibitor.  Devices must be self-sufficient and set to run for the entire show.  Show Management is not responsible for any equipment or software on display during the Show.
  • Sign Holder:  Sign must be provided by and delivered by the Exhibitor.  Sign size is 22 x 28 – vertical.  Sign holder will be provided.

Special requests for additional display options may be made – i.e. iPad kiosk, etc. which will be billed to the exhibitor by Freeman.

Staffing:  Booth personnel are not allowed to staff the New Product Showcase.  Company name and booth number will be provided so that attendees can visit the exhibitor's booth for more information.  As noted, computer programs should be set to run throughout the show or a sign explaining the software can be provided by the exhibitor.

If a product entry is purely or primarily digital in nature (i.e. computer program, diagnostic tool, etc.) exhibitor may display a single sign explaining the programming and/or functionality alongside the product. Such signage may not exceed 8 ½”x11” and the exhibitor must provide an easel or standing frame no larger than the signage itself. This signage cannot contain any marketing, advertising or sales copy.

Showcase Signs:  Show Management will provide a sign holder for each entry.  Signs should include exhibiting-company name and booth number.

Security:  Perimeter security of the exhibit hall is provided by Show Management and this will include the “What’s New Zone”.  However, Show Management cannot accept any responsibility for displays. Depending on the product/display, exhibitors may wish to secure it in their booth each night.  

Electrical and Internet:  Installation and the cost of electricity and internet if needed are the exhibitor's responsibility. Place orders for these services via the forms in the Exhibitor Service Kit.  (Indicate booth number as “What’s New Zone”.)

Outbound Shipping /Dismantle:   Exhibitors should arrange for outbound Material Handling in advance.  Arrangements should be made at the Freeman Service Desk. Or Exhibitors may remove the product from the Showcase at the end of the show and send the products back with their regular booth shipment.

Promotion:  ACMG will provide the following promotional activities highlighting the New Product Showcase and What’s New Zone:

  • Listing on the ACMG meeting website
  • Listing in the on-site Program Guide (agreement and payment received by January 20, 2017)
  • Listing in the Mobile App
  • On-site Signage

Additional Questions:   Please direct additional questions to

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