Support Opportunities

Support opportunities increase each participating company’s visibility, and help ACMG provide attendees with valuable meeting resources and essentials such as coffee breaks, registration materials, Wi-Fi and much more. The integration of support into an exhibiting plan is proven to empower exhibitors to reach their entire target audience, and in doing so, maximize the number of qualified buyers and customers who are attracted to the booth. Purchase online.

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Educational Grants and Support Opportunities


Refreshment Break
Served in the exhibit hall or outside the main meeting room – refreshment break sponsorships are highly valued by attendees. Sponsor Signage will be placed at all break locations. Sponsors may provide appropriate branded items such as coffee sleeves or napkins for any break occurring in the exhibit hall. 


Reg bag

Registration Tote Bag
Each registered attendee will receive the conference materials in this tote bag that they will carry throughout the meeting. To maintain ACCME compliance, company name only (no logo) will be imprinted on the tote bag. Exclusive.



Writing Pens for Registration Bags
Pens with your company name will be included in all Registration Tote Bags. To maintain ACCME compliance, company name only (no logo) will be imprinted on the pens. Exclusive.



Notepads for Registration Bags
Writing pads with your company name will be included in all Registration Tote Bags. To maintain ACCME compliance, company name only (no logo) will be imprinted on the notepads. Exclusive.



Highlight your company name in front of every registered attendee on the lanyard which holds each meeting badge. To maintain ACCME compliance, company name only (no logo) will be imprinted on the lanyard. Exclusive.



On Demand - Content Recording "Free Access"
Provide registered attendees Free Access to all the recordings of the conference. Each participating sponsor will receive a code to give out to anyone coming to their booth that will provide the attendee with Free Access to the OnDemand content. ACMG will promote the Free Access sponsor(s) and their booth number to all attendees in meeting materials. Exhibitors participating in this program at other meetings have report increased booth visits by five to ten times what they normally experience.

$25,000 Exclusive
$15,000 Shared


Genetic Counselors' Luncheon
Attended by over 500 genetic counselors, this lunch provides an educational session and networking opportunities for the counselors attending the meeting. The sponsoring company will be recognized with signage outside the luncheon, featured on walk-in  slides, and up to two people from your company will be invited to the luncheon. Your sponsorship will be further acknowledged with the company name printed on the ticket. Exclusive



Trainee-Mentor Luncheon
This lunch provides trainees (graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and clinical fellows) in the field of human genetics the opportunity to meet and talk informally with senior members of the College about career options, goals, and professional opportunities and will draw about 200 attendees – trainees and mentors. The sponsoring company will be recognized with signage outside the luncheon, featured on walk-in slides. Your sponsorship will be further acknowledged with the company name printed on the ticket. Exclusive



Diversity Breakfast New
To ensure that advances in genomics are translated into precise and individualized medical care for persons of all backgrounds, there is a need for a culturally diverse workforce of physicians and biomedical researchers. The purpose of this breakfast is to introduce early career scholars from underrepresented minority (URM) groups to the field of medical genetics and genomics, and to share information on training and career opportunities in the field. Introduced in 2017, this breakfast was attended by 30 young professionals and will be offered again in 2018 due to popular demand. Exclusive


Speaker Ready

Speaker Ready Room
Exclusive sponsorship gives your organization an opportunity to provide the ACMG speakers – the leaders in the field of genetics and genomics with a resource area to review their presentations and meet with their peers in an uninterrupted and quiet environment. Exclusive



Your company name will be featured as the ACMGLive stream partner at the start of each day's streams and during breaks in streaming. Excellent opportunity to reach attendees who are participating as distance learners. Exclusive.

$15,000 (limit 2)


Audience Response System
This interactive technology will enhance selected sessions and increases the educational value of the ACMG Annual Meeting. The sponsor’s launch page will be displayed before/after responses are entered. Attendees responses are tallied immediately on key questions related to information being presented and are used to measure pre and post session learning. Exclusive


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Opening Reception Held in the Exhibit Hall
This opening exhibits event provides attendees an opportunity to mingle with exhibitors and is attended by all attendees and exhibitors and provides a great networking opportunity for all. Food and beverage stations are spread throughout the exhibition and every attempt to locate food stations near sponsoring companies’ booths will be made. Sponsor Signage will be placed at all food stations. Sponsors may provide appropriate branded items such as napkins. Exclusive

$90,000 Exclusive
$10,000 Shared



Opening Reception Entertainment New
A highlight of the meeting – sponsor the entertainment that welcomes the attendees into the exhibit hall for the Opening Reception. Always a crowd pleaser and a great visibility opportunity. Sponsor signage will be posted at the entrance to the hall, and where the entertainment takes place. Exclusive


Lunch Coupons

Lunch Coupons
Distribute $10 coupons featuring your company logo to attendees and customers, to be used toward purchase of concession lunches served in the exhibit hall. One of the most popular support items for attendees as it allows them a complimentary lunch and exhibitors benefit as attendees remain in the exhibit area during the lunch hour

per 100 Coupons


Convention Center WiFi
ACMG provides wireless internet throughout the convention center as a way for Annual Meeting attendees to stay connected with their office and day-to-day business while away from the office, to provide interaction in sessions with Audience Response and provide the support the Live Streamed sessions. An excellent opportunity to be visible to the 2,500 attendees. Attendees will see the sponsors launch page each time they log in. Exclusive.


Charging Station

Charging Station or Lockers
Sponsored mobile device charging stations will be located in high traffic locations in the Exhibit Hall or near your booth. These provide multiple branding opportunities and will highlight the ACMG Annual Meeting Twitter Feed screen. Your sponsorship of these won't be missed as attendees’ power up their mobile devices and computers. Multiple Opportunities.


Gathering Place

Gathering Place
The Gathering Place is the hot spot at the ACMG meeting. An area with charging tables and comfortable seating it is where the attendees go to relax, connect and network. Sponsors logo will be placed on signage in the area. Exclusive.



Tech Bar
Introduced in 2017, this unique spotlight on technology right on the show floor was a hit with attendees and exhibitors. Opportunity to meet with a technology expert for advice and to learn the latest trends and practical tech solutions. Located on the exhibit hall floor. Exclusive.


Learning Lounge

Learning Lounge
Introduced at the 2017 ACMG Meeting – the extremely popular Learning Lounges located on the Exhibit Hall floor offer an opportunity for meeting attendees to experience 30 minute sessions on specific topics, provide a place for attendees to post questions and challenges on a specific topic, and will serve as knowledge den for deeper conversations on hot topics and challenges genetics professionals face. Sponsors logo will be placed on signage in the area Exclusive.


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Learning Lounge

Trainee Reception
Attended by over 150 trainees, residents, fellows, students and College leaders this reception provides an opportunity for these young professionals to start the meeting with a unique networking opportunity and to learn more about membership and leadership opportunities with the College. The Sponsoring company will be recognized with signage outside the reception, and up to two people from your company may attend the reception. Exclusive.



Trainee/Resident/Fellow Lounge
The Trainee/Resident/Fellow Lounge will provide an opportunity for the over 200 young professionals attending the meeting to come together to network with one another and the College’s leadership. The sponsorship will provide daily refreshments for those that visit this resource area. Sponsor signage will be placed at the entrance to the area, and on refreshment tables in the lounge. Up to four sponsoring company representatives will be permitted access to the lounge. Exclusive.



Trainee/Resident/Fellow Travel Awards
These travel scholarships provide young professionals eager to attend the meeting with funds to defray the associated travel and hotel expenses. Attendance allows them to learn of the latest research and developments in the field, meet with their colleagues and learn from their experiences. Sponsors will be acknowledged in the printed program and on the meeting website. Exclusive.

$2,500 each

The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) adheres to guidelines when working with outside funding to ensure independence and autonomy of both organizations. The program and sponsorship/support agreement must comply with industry guidelines (e.g., the American Medical Association, the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, Council of Medical Specialty Societies, and the Office of the Inspector General), operate within our principles of medical ethics and acceptable medical practice, and subsidize both direct and indirect program costs.
ACMG accepts financial and in-kind support from corporations, foundations, individuals, and other organizations only if such acceptance would not pose a conflict of interest and in no way impair the ACMG's objectivity, influence, priorities, and actions. Support of ACMG services, events or programs does not permit influence over content, nor does it imply ACMG approval or endorsement of an organization's policies or products, whether a service, event or program is funded by single or multiple sources.