Advertising and Promotional Opportunities

ACMG offers several promotional opportunities that are available to all exhibitors prior to the meeting, during the meeting and on post meeting communications when applicable. Purchase online.

Pre-Meeting Promotional Opportunities - Digital

Attendees will explore the ACMG live “Exposition Hall” virtually prior to the meeting. There, your audience can view your booth location via an interactive floor plan, your company profile, booth description, logo and product category listing so that they can pre-plan and personalize their Exhibit Hall visits.


Online Exhibitor List and Interactive Floor Plan
The ACMG Website will include the Exhibit List at the end of November, so exhibitors are encouraged to enter the booth description and company products in the Exhibitor Service Center as soon as they receive the log-in information with their booth assignment letter. Exclusive.


Digital Ads

Digital Marketing Sponsorships
ACMG is offering a valuable new marketing opportunity for exhibitors/sponsors. This digital retargeting opportunity works by keeping track of people who visit ACMG sites via a cookie, and displaying your ads to them as they visit other sites online. ACMG has created and tracked audiences through our site visitors, and 2017 and 2018 digital campaigns. The sponsor develops a set of 3 - 7 ads, which will target our digital audiences wherever they go online. For more information contact

$3,000 per campaign of 50,000 impressions
$4,000 per campaign of 75,000 impressions
$5,000 per campaign of 100,000 impressions

Web banner ad

ACMG Meeting Website Banner Ads
Banner ads linked to your company's website are available on the website that all attendees utilize to plan their meeting experience, register for the meeting or make hotel and travel arrangements. Ads will rotate on select meeting website pages and will be displayed one at a time. Ads are 205 pixels wide x 60 pixels high, and can include video.

$2,500 each

ePosters ad

Eposters Website Banner Ad
Eposters provide attendees and those unable to attend the meeting the opportunity to view the posters that have been uploaded by their authors in an interactive, fully searchable database with the ability to magnify the abstract content for detailed viewing, contact the author directly with comments and/or questions, bookmark abstracts for easy access on return visits, and much more. Display a linked banner ad with a company message, product name or logo on the 2018 ePoster site. The 2017 site has been viewed over 140,000 times.

$4,000 each

Reg conf banner

Registration Confirmation Email Banner
Display a banner on the confirmation email that goes to all registered attendees after they register. This will be a high visibility opportunity. Registration confirmations will begin in October so be sure to reserve this opportunity soon. Exclusive




ACMG Email Campaigns

Email banner

Email Promotion Banner Ad
Display a banner on one of the emails that go to all registered attendees before the meeting. This will be a high visibility opportunity. Regular update emails are sent beginning in December so be sure to reserve this opportunity soon.

$3,000 each

Email banner

Final Email - Banner Ad
Display a linked banner ad with a company message, product name or logo to be displayed in the “Know Before You Go” email that is sent the week before the meeting to the over 2,500 registered attendees and includes important information attendees need to make their trip and meeting experience go smoothly. Position your organization in this highly visible opportunity so attendees have your company in mind as they make their final meeting plans. ACMG will provide measurements of past emails of clicks and opens to the sponsor. Exclusive



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Hotel keycards

Hotel Guest Room Keycards
Promote your company and Exhibit Hall booth location to attendees throughout the meeting by sponsoring the hotel guest room key cards. Keys will be in use for the duration of the meeting, beginning Tuesday, for all rooms within the ACMG room block at the headquarter hotel and other properties. Exclusive.


Hotel keycards

Registration Bag Inserts
Registration bag inserts are a great opportunity to invite attendees to your booth, announce your booth participation or conference-related event. Your company will provide 2800 copies of the flyer or advertisement (no larger than 8 ½ x 11, no more than one page) and ACMG will stuff them into the official registration bags. A limited number of bag inserts are permitted, so early reservation is encouraged. Artwork is subject to ACMG approval. SOLD OUT


Aisle signs

Aisle Signs
An opportunity for additional visibility from anywhere on the show floor. Drive traffic to your booth by prominently displaying your company logo, name, and booth number on one 2-foot x 4-foot double-sided space at the base of hanging aisle signs in the Exhibit Hall.

$2,000 each

Aisle signs

Convention Center Rail Banners
Vinyl banners will be hung in high traffic areas – between session rooms, registration and exhibit hall. Limited availability.

$8,000 each

Aisle signs

Exhibit Hall Window Clings
A3 – F3 locations (top row) - $4,000 each
A2 - F2 locations (middle row) - $6,000 each
A1 - F1 locations (bottom row) - $3,000 each

Place your logo on the doors of the Charlotte Convention Center. Cost includes production and installation. Multiple placements may be ordered.


Escalator Clings

Place your logo or company message on the escalators of the Charlotte Convention Center. Cost includes production and installation.
Options include:

Escalator clings

Aisle signs

Session and Ballroom
Escalator Runner - $4,000

Escalator Glass Sides - All Four Sides - $10,000


Escalator clings

Escalator clings

Exhibit Hall Escalator Clings
Escalator Runner - $5,000

Escalator Glass Sides - All Four Sides - $12,000


Carpet decals

Carpet Decals - Exhibit Hall
Place your company logo on the carpet in front of your booth or at the beginning of your aisle. Cost includes printing and installation. Locations to be approved by ACMG. Each decal is 5"x5".

$1,000 each

Stair Graphics

Stair decal

Stair Graphics
Place your logo or company message on the Grand Stair case of the Charlotte Convention Center. Cost includes production and installation.

Full stair placement - $10,000

Partial stair placement - $7,500




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Charging Station

Power Charging Stations and Lockers
Sponsored mobile device charging stations will be located throughout the meeting and session room areas and are a great way to build awareness among Annual Meeting attendees. These provide multiple branding opportunities and will highlight the ACMG Annual Meeting Twitter Feed screen. Your sponsorship of these won't be missed as attendees power up their mobile devices and computers.

$8,000 each


ACMG Mobile App

ACMG provides attendees and exhibitors with a Mobile App that helps them navigate the meeting, speakers, abstracts, etc. and interact with colleagues.

Mobile app

Meeting Mobile App sponsorship and advertising opportunities:
Exhibitor Listings and Description
Exhibitor descriptions that appear online will also be included in the ACMG meeting mobile app. This will be available for attendees approximately three weeks prior to the start of the meeting.

Mobile App Gold Sponsorship
Gold sponsorship of the Mobile app features your company logo on the startup screen each time the app is opened and banner ads appear more frequently. Company is highlighted in listings and on the floor plan. Exclusive. SOLD

Mobile App Silver Sponsorship
Silver sponsorship of the Mobile app provides your company with a weighted banner ad that rotates more often than regular banner ads. Company is highlighted in listings and on the floor plan. Exclusive. SOLD

Mobile App Banner Ad and Landing Page

Mobile App Alerts (limited opportunities)




$2,500 each
$850 per alert


Program Guide Advertisements

Advertising opportunities are available in the printed Program Guide distributed to attendees.

Carpet decals

Advertising Rates and Specifications
Back Cover (4 color) Full Page 6"x9" SOLD
Inside Front Cover (4 color) Full Page 6"x9" SOLD
Inside Back Cover (4 color) Full Page 6"x9" SOLD
Inside Ads Full Page 6"x9" OR Half Page 6"x4.5"


$3,200 OR $2,000

  Attendee Mailing Lists

Attendee Mailing List ♦ $500 pre-meeting; $650 post-meeting
Exhibitors may purchase the pre-meeting attendee mailing list to promote their program/company prior to the meeting, or the post-meeting attendee list to send a follow up mailing after the meeting. Pre-meeting list will contain approximately 1,800 names and be available after the March 2 Advance Registration Deadline. The post-meeting mail list (number of names will depend on final registration) will be available approximately 3 weeks after the meeting. 

Order form
NOTE: ACMG does not release email addresses, the mailing list contains mailing addresses only.

The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) adheres to guidelines when working with outside funding to ensure independence and autonomy of both organizations. The program and sponsorship/support agreement must comply with industry guidelines (e.g., the American Medical Association, the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, Council of Medical Specialty Societies, and the Office of the Inspector General), operate within our principles of medical ethics and acceptable medical practice, and subsidize both direct and indirect program costs.

ACMG accepts financial and in-kind support from corporations, foundations, individuals, and other organizations only if such acceptance would not pose a conflict of interest and in no way impair the ACMG's objectivity, influence, priorities, and actions. Support of ACMG services, events or programs does not permit influence over content, nor does it imply ACMG approval or endorsement of an organization’s policies or products, whether a service, event or program is funded by single or multiple sources.