Hotel Reservations

The ACMG housing reservation period is now closed. If you are still in search of a room, please check here

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Seattle Hotel Listing

Details of amenities and services are provided during the reservation process. For hotel locations, see the map page.

Sheraton Grand Seattle  (Headquarters Hotel) $249 0.1 mile
Grand Hyatt Seattle $254 400 Feet
Hilton Seattle  $245 0.2 mile
Hyatt at Olive 8 $254 0.2 mile
W Seattle $239 0.4 mile
Westin Seattle $225 0.4 mile
Hyatt Regency Seattle $239 0.2 mile
Government Rated Rooms
A limited number of government rated rooms have been contracted for all the hotels within the ACMG 2019 block. You will be able to select this option when you book your hotel. Please contact CMR for additional information.

Attention ACMG Exhibitors and Attendees - Housing Pirate Warning
CMR is the official Housing Partner for the ACMG Meeting. ACMG has not authorized any other company to contact meeting attendees or exhibitors. “Housing Pirates” are notorious for onerous prepayment and cancellation which, once finalized cannot be modified. In other instances, these companies do not make the actual hotel room reservations and it is not until the guest attempts to confirm their reservations or check in at the hotel that they discover this fact, and have lost any deposit provided to that company. While these companies appear to be affiliated with 2019 ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting and the ACMG hotel block, they are not and neither ACMG nor CMR can provide assistance in resolving any disputes. Please do not answer these solicitations.

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