BillionToOne Inc.

Menlo Park,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1130

Single-gene NIPT for CF, SMA, SCD from single blood tube


BillionToOne is a venture-backed, CLIA licensed genetic testing company based in Menlo Park, California. BillionToOne has built the world’s first molecular counter that increases cell-free DNA diagnostics resolution by over 1000 folds. Our first product UNITY is the world's first single-gene NIPT supported carrier screening test. UNITY covers all the ACOG recommended carrier screening conditions (CF, SMA, sickle cell disease, alpha and beta thalassemia). For pregnant women who test positive for any of these conditions, we run complementary single-gene NIPT test. We are the only CLIA lab that can perform single-gene NIPT on recessive disorders, using the mother's blood only (no need for paternal DNA). UNITY is expected to launch in May 2019. Our molecular counter technology unlocks many other clinical applications such as quantitative cancer mutation tracking or highly sensitive CNV mutation detection for recurrence monitoring. Our molecular counter technology works on NGS as well as on Sanger Sequencing. We plan to launch series of molecular diagnostics tests in the US and around the world in the coming years.