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Cycle Pharmaceuticals is a pioneering company, reimagining how drugs can benefit patients, to make their lives easier and improve their quality of life at every stage. Cycle has three core areas of pharmaceutical development: improving drugs - optimising an existing drug; repurposing drugs - creating a new indication for an already existing drug; and generics - reinstating generic drugs, previously available in the market. These three areas of focus are underpinned by formulation technology - creating new drug delivery technologies to improve the efficacy and effectiveness of drugs, allowing us to give patients greater freedom and choice. Cycle's first drug, NITYR (nitisinone) tablets, was approved by the FDA and launched in the USA in 2017 for the treatment of hereditary tyrosinemia type 1 (HT-1). This is the first new option for nitisinone in 20 years, bringing to patients and physicians a new era of choice. For more information please visit: