Grandomics Biosciences Co., Ltd.

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Grandomics (Grandomics Biosciences Co.,Ltd.) was founded in October 2014 in Beijing Zhongguancun Life Science Park, and has branches in the city of Wuhan in China and New York City. Grandomics has been focused on applying high throughput sequencing technology, genomics analysis method and the concept of Internet innovation to clinical medicine and individual health, and has a core team consisting of well-known expert consultants, senior experts and experienced clinicians. Grandomics has accumulated rich experiences of high-throughput sequencing analysis in the field of genetic disease, and can provide the mature of the second generation sequencing and other molecular detection services, and has developed a series of genetic testing methods based on the third generation of single molecule sequencing platform of genetic testing method. In addition, Grandomics have established a private cloud system for the large data of medical genetic diseases which is called GrandBox®. This system can provide a one-stop solution for clinical users, and help patients with genetic diseases to get accurate diagnosis. In addition, Grandomics is the first third-generation precision medical company in China and the largest Oxford Nanopore sequencing center in the world. At the same time, Grandomics is the first company who applies the third single-molecule sequencing/mapping experiment platforms, including Oxford Nanopore, PacBio and Bionano to scientific research services and medical clinical testing. Grandomics has been working on applying new technologies to more complex diseases and making the diagnosis of complex diseases easier and more accurate with new technologies. Our mission is to “Bring hope to life through genetic testing”. More information is available at