InteGen LLC

Orlando,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 1029

Multiplex Interphase Chromosome Profiling with 15 min FISH


InteGen LLC develops innovative reagents that are clinically useful and cost-effective tools for the cytogenetics community. We offer multi-color metaphase and interphase chromosome profiling, including our Rapid FISH with 15 min hybridization. Our probes can 1) detect balanced, unbalanced, and Robertsonian translocations, 2) provide high-resolution breakpoint assignment, 3) characterize marker and add chromosomes, and 4) detect balanced and unbalanced sub-telomere rearrangements. Our Multiplex probe design saves technologists’ time and reagent costs. With multiple sequential hybridizations and a simple two dual filter detection system, you will be able to achieve comprehensive genome coverage/profiling with our probes on as few as a single cell. We can make custom probes for all your research/clinical needs. We guarantee that our prices are the most cost-effective in the market. If you prove otherwise, the probe is FREE for you. Stop by our booth to learn all the benefits of adopting our breakthrough technology and products in your clinical practice.