A program format designed to offer a variety of educational formats and several types of sessions during the meeting from Scientific Sessions and Workshops to TED-Style Talks, Case-based Sessions, Platform Presentations and Short Courses, the 2020 ACMG has something for everyone on the genetics healthcare team. Start each day at the general session and then continue your learning at a scientific session, workshop, Platform Presentation or in the Exhibit/Poster Hall. SCHEDULE AT A GLANCE Get the POCKET GUIDE

Short Courses:
Separate registration is required and an additional fee applies.
Monday, March 16, 3:30 pm - 7:30 pm
LGG Alternative Certification Pathway Short Course: Mentored Clinical Cases

Tuesday, March 17, 12:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
• Essential Fundamentals - Next Generation Sequencing From The Beginning
• Prenatal to Postnatal Renal and Genitourinary Anomalies - Genetics, Management and Outcomes - A Joint Course with ISPD

Workshops, Seminars and Interactive Sessions:
• Paving the Path Towards a Clinical-Grade HGVS Nomenclature
• ClinGen Community Curation Interactive Workshop
• The Gene Pool: Sharing Our Best Ideas for the Genetics Workforce
• Careers in Medical Genetics: An Informational Session for Students and Trainees
• Diversity Breakfast (limited enrollment) – An educational and networking forum for students, trainees, and professionals in genetics who are interested in promoting diversity
• Genomic Informatics on Clinical Service and Approaches to Evaluate the Unknown/Uncertain Variants: An Interactive Workshop
• Classification of Constitutional Copy Number Variants: Using the Updated ACMG/ClinGen Technical Standards
• Genetic Counselors Luncheon and Forum

Plenary Sessions:
• ACMG Presidential Plenary Session – Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuester-Hauser (MRKH) Syndrome - A Non-lethal Birth Defect with Broad Implications for Health Care - Featuring the Presentation of the 2020 ACMG Foundation Awards 
• TED-Style Talks from Steve Cole, PhD, Yaniv Ehrlich, PhD and Steven Benner, PhD
• Hot Topics: Liquid Biopsy Cancer Diagnostics and Application of Immunogenomics to Cancer Therapy
• Four Featured Platform Presentations
• Defining Best Clinical Practices in Genomic ing of Healthy Individuals

Scientific Sessions:
• The Heart of the Matter- Congenital Cardiac Disease and Pregnancy
• Neurotics Updates: What's New in Genes, Pathways, ing, and Treatments for Intellectual Disability and Epilepsy
• The Evolving Landscape of Delivering Genetics Services: Tangled Policies and Financial Considerations
• Laboratory Diagnostic Challenge  (Constitutional and Neoplastic Cases in Molecular, Cytogenomic, and Biochemical Genetics Specialties)
• The Genetics Hotline: Responsibility and Liability When Handling Unsolicited Patient Communications
• Artificial Intelligence and Genomics: Powerful Tools in Pre- and Postnatal Decision Making
• Excellence in Medical Genetics and Genomics Through Diversity
• Inherited Cancer Predisposition: Emerging Evidence to Guide ing and Treatment Among BRCA Carriers, Lynch Syndrome Carriers and Beyond
• Driving Precision Oncology Through Standards and Resources for Somatic Variant Interpretation
• New Frontiers in NF1, NF2, and Schwannomatosis
• Bringing the New Era of Mitochondrial Genomic Medicine to Geneticists
• Chromatin Remodeling Disorders: An Expanding Clinical Spectrum
• Adult and Cancer Diagnostic Challenges
• Prenatal Diagnostic Challenges
•  (Multifactorial) Risk Scores in Context: Utility for Clinical Practice and Population Screening
• Pediatric Diagnostic Dilemmas (Rare Knowns and Unknowns)
• Power in Numbers: The Benefits of Rare Disease Consortia in Inborn Errors of Metabolism
• Cardinal Signs of Common and Uncommon Disorders

Trainee/Postdoctoral Fellow/Resident and Student Workshops and Activities:
• Early Career Genetic Professionals Workshop - Building Leadership/Management Skills
• Student Day: Guided Poster Walks and Careers in Medical Genetics: An Informational Session for Students
• Trainee/Mentor Luncheon
• Welcome Reception for Trainees, Fellows, Residents, Post-Docs and Students
• Diversity Breakfast (limited enrollment)