2020 Digital Edition

Logging in to the ACMG Genetics Academy

First Time Users
   1.    You must have an ACMG account before you can login and use the system.
           IMPORTANT: Even if you have signed on through the ACMG Website Sign In page, you will need to Login again when you              reach the Genetics Academy page. ACMG Annual Meeting Registration Credentials will not sign you on to the ACMG                     Website.
   2.    If you do not have an ACMG user account simply select Create an Account and follow the prompts. 
          If you think you have an account, please use it and don’t create a new account.
          Having two accounts will result in issues with course completion tracking and credit issuance. 
                 a. Go to www.acmg.net and select the Sign In option at the top of our Home page.
                 b. Login with your ACMG Website credentials. If you need to reset a forgotten password or need to change your                                  Username (User’s Email address), select the Forgot Password or Username link and follow the prompts. You will                            receive an email with a password reset link or confirmation that your email update has been completed. If you do                          receive an email in your inbox check your SPAM folder.
3.    After logging in, click “Educations and Events” from the top navigation, then select the “ACMG Genetics Academy" 
4.    Make sure you see your name at the top inder the ACMG Genetics Academy logo
5.    First time users ONLY. You need to review your degree; the system designates educational credits according to your                      degree. Click “I acknowledge” check box and continue. Make sure your name appears to the right top of the ACMG             Genetics Academy.
6.    Click “My Resources” to see your courses.

If you need assistance, please call the ACMG office at 301-718-9603.
Email: education@acmg.net
Support Center Hours: Monday- Friday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm Eastern Time