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GeneFAX™: AI-Enabled Cognitive ChatBOTs

OptraHEALTH’s GeneFAX™ is an AI-powered knowledge platform for genetic health with ChatBOT interfaces.

Visit us at booth 610 for GeneFAX™ demo or email us at info@genefax.ai to arrange a demo.

OptraHEALTH’s, GeneFAX™ is ideal for patient triaging, identifying tests for patients, patient education, pre-test counseling, post-test counseling, consenting and family history gathering. GeneFAX™ provides ScreenBOT™, KnowldegeBOT™, QuizBOT™, PhysicianBOT™, PedigreeBOT™, and CounselorConnect® applications.

GeneFAX™ ScreenBOT™ is a conversational AI BOT that seamlessly gathers information from consumers/ patients to identify the right genetic test for them such as for Hereditary cancers, Reproductive health, Cardiac wellness, newborn testing, etc.

GeneFAX™ KnowldegeBOT™ is an AI-driven BOT that allows consumers to ask any question about genetic health from our massive database of more than 1 million scientifically curated questions and answers.

GeneFAX™ QuizBOT™ provides genetics education to consumers in a simple, interactive manner with informative multimedia content.

GeneFAX™ PhysicianBOT™ is used by physicians to quickly and accurately pinpoint the tests that produce the most precise results for their patients.

GeneFAX™ PedigreeBOT™ allows for rapid family history gathering including pedigree charting.

Connect with a genetic counselor anytime with GeneFAX™ CounselorConnect to have all your questions answered. Reach our team of 75+ board genetic counselors on live chat or by scheduling a call at your convenience.

Organizations benefit by increased test uptake, streamlining their business processes, and enhancing productivity by deploying GeneFAX™ and extend the reach of genetic testing and counseling.

If you are a genetic lab, a medical practice or a hospital then engage meaningfully with consumers with GeneFAX™ by automating your business processes such as managing clinic lists, triaging patients, recommending tests, generating business insights and integrating with 3rd party applications and EMR systems.

If you are a payor then benefit by automating the pre-authorization and independent review processes for genetic testing using GeneFAX™.

If you are patient, then GeneFAX™ will help you get screened for various genetic conditions and will identify the right genetic test for you. GeneFAX™ will also provide pre-test and post-test e-counseling and will generate a personalized genetic health report (PDF) for discussing with your healthcare provider. GeneFAX™ provides instant access to our team of 75+ board-certified genetic counselors in addition to e-counseling.

GeneFAX™ is available as a ChatBOT, VoiceBOT and iOS, and Android mobile app.

Visit us at booth 610 for GeneFAX™ demo or email us at info@genefax.ai to arrange a demo.