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United States
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Software PowerTools That Are Changing Genetics Analysis!


SoftGenetics is introducing NextGENe LR software for analysis of long read sequencing from PacBio and similar long read sequencing platforms.  NextGENe LR  is the latest Software PowerTool for Genetic Analysis joining the company’s patented Mutation Surveyor for Analysis of Sanger Sequencing; GeneMarker software which now includes a new module for Repeat Expansion Disorders, in addition to fragment analysis through reporting of MLPA, LOH, MSI, Trisomy and other DNA fragment analysis; ChimerMarker software for automated Chimerism, quantification and long-term monitoring. GeneMarkerHID Human Identity software and its NextGENe software, a free-standing, Windows based program for the analysis of all second-generation sequencing data from Illumina and Ion platforms.

Visit booth 626 for demonstration and free validation program trials.