The Focus Foundation

Davidsonville,  MD 
United States
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The Focus Foundation is the only nonprofit research organization specializing in the research and treatment of children with X and Y chromosomal variations, such as 47,XXY (Klinefelter syndrome), 47,XYY, 48,XXXX, 48,XXXY, 48,XXYY, and 49,XXXXY; dyslexia; and developmental dyspraxia. One in every 500 children are born each day with an additive X or Y chromosome(s), but 75% of all cases remain undiagnosed in their lifetime. The Focus Foundation’s mission is to 1) be family centric and encourage patient focused outcomes that are collaborative between family, medical provider, and the child’s intervention team; 2) promote innovative and novel research throughout the world on X and Y chromosomal variation disorders, dyslexia, and developmental dyspraxia; 3) increase awareness, promote early detection, and develop creative and aggressive programs for all children with these disorders.