Golden Helix, Inc.

Bozeman,  MT 
United States
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Golden Helix offers an end-to-end bioinformatics pipeline capable of receiving data from a sequencer and supports the analytics workflow to the completion of a finalized clinical report. Alongside, they have created automation capabilities for high throughput labs, as well as an extensive data warehouse that can capture and query the entire lab output.

Golden Helix provides a unique ability to analyze genomic data regarding SNVs and Structural Variations. Via their partnership with Sentieon, they provide a highly performant secondary pipeline that includes alignment and variant calling on par with GATK and MuTect2 at much-improved speed levels. Their product, VS-CNV, is capable of detecting CNV events starting at the exon level to aberrations of an entire chromosome.

VarSeq, VSClinical, and VSReports cover all clinically relevant workflows for the filtering and annotating of genomic data in concordance with applicable guidelines such as ACMG & AMP. Golden Helix supports the analysis of gene panels, trios, single exome, and whole genomes. With a single click, users can generate a clinical report that integrates the specific findings with annotation sources. There are powerful customization options available to make the reports exactly how an organization requires them to be. Moreover, with VSPipeline, the company has developed the ability to automate the entire pipeline to increase throughput. Golden Helix clients can automate the process from FASTQ to Clinical Report, including the computation of CNVs. This allows a highly efficient review of the resulting data. This not only saves time, but it also minimizes the potential for human error.

VSWarehouse captures the artifacts of the bioinformatics pipeline. Via powerful APIs, the product connects to other lab and hospital systems such as EPIC or Cerner’s Millennium.

Simplified Business Model with All-Inclusive and Affordable Yearly License Free

Today, most of the businesses have adopted a per-sample model which becomes complex when the customer starts using it. The per-sample charges continually add up, leading to higher, unpredictable costs; affordable solutions for labs performing NGS are essential in the precision medicine industry. Thus, Golden Helix has instilled simplicity in its business model. Their products are affordable and come with a yearly license fee without any additional intermittent charges. Additionally, the yearly fee includes all training, support, and updates required by the user. Golden Helix continually strives to shrink price points and makes its solutions available to users in a convenient, affordable way.