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FamGenix - Family Health History App and Platform


FamHis is the publisher of the FamGenix Family Health History Platform, where patients connect with family members and clinicians for more efficient and accurate family histories. 

Save time and increase accuracy in assessing risk for hereditary diseases.
Clinicians can direct patients to download the free FamGenix family health history app from the App Store or Google Play before their clinic visit.  Patients are guided to record an accurate family health history, and can invite and share data with other family members to increase accuracy. Software is HIPAA/GDPR compliant and handles consent among family members, so you don’t have to. Patients are forever in control of their own family history data.  

Healthcare providers can then login to the secure provider portal with the following benefits:

  • View patient data with an auto-generated pedigree - or quickly enter family history for patients not using the app.
  • The system automatically determines if patients meet criteria for further counseling and testing.
  • Perform further cancer risk assessment using integrated risk models (including BOADICEA) to determine 5-year and lifetime risk. 
  • Optionally receive updates from the patient via the app, and send them custom surveys. 

Customization of the app is possible, and we even offer a white label option if you’d like to brand the software yourself. Integration with your existing system is possible via our API's.

Free 90-Day Trial
Sign up for a free 90-day trial with no obligation.  To learn more, visit famgenix.com.