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  5. NOTE:  Attendee list offers are a scam
    ACMG exhibitors and attendees are still receiving correspondence with offers to purchase the ACMG Meeting attendee list even though the meeting was cancelled.  PLEASE BE ADVISED:  ACMG does not release attendee addresses and email contact information and no company is authorized to distribute or sell any lists of ACMG attendees.  If you receive such an email offer, delete the email and do not respond. By responding – even with a request to unsubscribe, you confirm that your email address is a valid one, which may increase the likelihood that you’ll be contacted again.  These scammers are looking for credit card numbers, money wires or information they can use to steal identities.

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No worries.  We can send you your password - please send a request to acmgmeeting@acmg.net

If you have not exhibited in the past, you must submit the PDF application to ACMG so that an account and password can be set up for your company.