Additional Promotional Opportunities


Each Engagement Package level offers a variety of promotional opportunities. The following items are available for a la carte purchase to add to your selected Engagement Package, if not included in the package. The Pre-meeting Buyer’s Preview Deck and Website Page is available as an additional opportunity for all packages.


Buyer's Preview Deck and Digital Preview Deck Page
The Buyer’s Preview Deck (a pre-show mailing card deck) will be the official way to reach registered attendees and ACMG’s targeted mail list before the meeting. This marketing opportunity will help you to attract attendees to your Engagement Package in the Industry Solution Center and create brand awareness without the worry of creating, printing and mailing of your piece. This very cost-effective method of reaching your target audience is available to all Industry Solution Center companies. All you will need to do is provide logos and other marketing information. The Deck will be mailed to all pre-registered attendees and past meeting attendees (approximately 4,000) approximately 3 weeks before the meeting. A web page at www.acmgmeeting.net will feature the card deck and individual cards and a link to this resource will be provided in the virtual platform during the live streaming event. Order form
Note: Individual mail lists will not be available for purchase — all pre-meeting mailers will go through the above service.

$2,500 (basic)

The following items may be purchased separately, if not included in the Engagement Package selected (Available only in addition to an Engagement Package)


Retargeting Sponsorships
Retargeting campaigns offer unique and effective marketing opportunities for companies partnering with ACMG. This retargeting opportunity works by keeping track of people who visit ACMG sites via a cookie, and displaying your ads to them as they visit other sites online. ACMG has created and tracked audiences through our site visitors, as well as marketing campaigns since 2017. The sponsor develops a set of 3 - 7 ads, which will target our audiences wherever they go online. For more information contact pfreire@acmg.net.

$5,000 per campaign of 50,000 impressions
$7,000 per campaign of 75,000 impressions
$8,000 per campaign of 100,000 impressions


Item in Virtual Briefcase
Promotional PDF will be loaded into the virtual briefcase feature available to all attendees, similar to a Registration Bag insert.

$1,000 each


Push Notifications
Brief announcement that will be sent to all attendees via the virtual platform. ACMG will control the distribution times so that these are not sent during scientific session.Limited quantity



Product Theater
Each Product Theater runs for a maximum of 30 minutes. See separate application