Sponsor Frequently Asked Questions

About the Industry Solution Center
Recognizing that much must be different in the virtual space, ACMG has developed a solution designed to promote networking and connections between attendees and participating companies which is the “Industry Solution Center”. Within the Solution Center sponsors purchase an “Engagement Package” that will provide opportunities to engage with attendees via video chats, product literature/videos, topic lounges and many others based on the sponsor level selected.
ACMG is aware that it is a challenge to replace the connections and interactions that only an in-person meeting can provide, but we are dedicated to assist our industry partners help maintain your customer relationships and even develop new ones in this new environment. Our goal through the Industry Solution Center is to do that through opportunities for virtual connection and collaboration until we can be together again.

I am interested in sponsoring. Who should I contact?

Contact Jane Dahlroth, CEM, CMP-HC, Senior Director of Meetings and Exhibits; Phone: (703) 921-0333; email: jdahlroth@acmg.net or visit the INDUSTRY SPONSOR Information pages at www.acmgmeeting.net 

Which platform is being used?
The platform provider is CNTVnow. CNTVnow is an award winning meetings industry Media Company that builds virtual platforms to suit the needs of each customer.
What time zone will the conference run in?
Eastern Standard Time (ET)
How long will the virtual platform be available?
90 days post meeting the platform will be open for watching on demand content. The Engagement Packages will be there for information only, attendee data will not be collected and don’t need to be staffed by sponsors. After 90 days, all content will be in the Genetics Academy as the 2021 Digital Edition. Attendees can purchase unlimited access to the Digital Edition when they register for the meeting. Those that do not attend the virtual meeting or purchase that access will have to purchase the Digital Edition. Price will be $3-400 – still TBD. Sponsor listings will be on www.acmgmeeting.net. Then content will transfer to the Digital Edition. Digital Edition will be available for 2 years.
What are the guidelines for building the virtual Engagement Package?
These will be provided in mid February or when the application has been processed as part of the confirmation email.
When would we receive the templates or instructions for the Engagement Package set-up?
We are not providing templates. The sponsor submits the assets appropriate to the sponsorship level to ACMG and the Virtual Platform provider, and the page is built for them. There will be a period for preview and changes to be made. Information on this will be sent to all sponsors after applications have been submitted and processed.
What are the Industry Solutions Center hours?
Please have a member of your staff available during these hours of the virtual meeting:
Wednesday, April 14 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Thursday, April 15 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday, April 16 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
What are the dedicated hours?
Dedicated time for the Industry Solution Center will be offered during breaks when there are no scientific sessions. Attendees can visit the Industry Solution Center, plus view Product Theaters and Posters during the following times:
Wednesday, April 14
11:30 am - 1:00 pm (ET)
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm (ET)
5:00 pm - 5:30 pm (ET)
Thursday, April 15
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (ET)
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm (ET)
5:00 pm - 5:30 pm (ET)
Friday, April 16
11:30 am - 1:00 pm (ET)
2:30 pm - 3:00 pm (ET)
Will you have a job posting board?
Due to the virtual nature of the meeting, we will not be offering a job board. Sponsors can include a PDF of job openings on their sponsor page.
What is included in the personnel registration allotment (based on sponsor level)?
Registered personnel will have access to the Industry Solution Center as well as sessions. We do recommend having someone monitor your sponsor page throughout the virtual meeting hours. Any personnel that need to claim CE – CME for MDs, CEUs for Counselors, etc. will need to register for full conference registration at the prevailing rate.
Can we include a link for a microsite that will bring us from the ACMG Virtual Platform to a microsite with our custom booth via URL?
Yes. A link out to a microsite is an option.
What will the company page look like?
Click on the link below to see a template of the Company page by package:
Family and Patient Advocacy and Nonprofits
What are the Sponsored Topic Lounges?
These will be chat areas that can accommodate up to 50 people. There will be a few options. A sponsor can chose a topic they want to discuss and a chat room will be set up for them. Additionally there will be Shared Interest Topic Lounges and a sponsor logo could show in those. The logos for the Champion and Premier Sponsors will scroll across the bottom of the Chat Lounge landing page.
What are the “Video interview shown during breaks: Meet the Company Executives” – where will this be shown?
This is a brief video message from any company executive such as Medical Affairs, Chief Science Officer, etc. They will be pre-recorded and then available for viewing during breaks from sessions. A link will be provided to view these.
What size logos, videos, banner ads, etc. will be required?
Guidelines for the deliverables related to your pre-meeting presence on the ACMG website pre-meeting and the virtual platform will be provided once the application has been submitted and processed.
What information will be included in lead reports and how will we access it?
The information provided in the past when badges were scanned will be provided: Contact information, some demographics (i.e. position held, degree, etc.) and the NPI number.
For the appointment setting and chat options will sponsors only be able to connect with attendees from their page within the Industry Solution Center?
Yes. Additional information on these features will be provided once the application is submitted and processed.
When are the items for each package due?
The list of assets to be delivered for each package and the associated deadlines are set out in the documents below.

Family and Patient Advocacy and Nonprofits
What can we present in a Product Theater?
Product Theaters are state-of-the-art 30 minute sessions presented by industry. These sessions showcase the companies’ recent developments and applications of their products, techniques, and/or services, and they demonstrate how the products or services are used in practical, laboratory and/or clinical settings. The sessions will be pre-recorded and available for on demand viewing during breaks from sessions or on the attendee’s schedule.
Will Product Theaters be scheduled at a specific time during the meeting?
Product Theaters will be presented as pre-recorded videos, available for viewing during the live broadcast days as well as the 90 days following the meeting when the virtual platform remains open to attendees. The Product Theaters will also be included in the 2021 Digital Edition to be available for purchase in July. This ensures a larger potential audience than would have been possible at an in-person meeting. All Product Theaters will be listed on a dedicated page, accessible from the Lobby in the virtual platform.
What is the cost of a Product Theater if not included in my Engagement Package?
May I purchase an additional Product Theater time slot and do an hour session?
This is not advised. The break time slots are 30 or 60 minutes and a one hour session would result in attendees not being able to do other activities such as visit the sponsors in the Industry Solution Center.
Will there be time for Q&A after our Product Theater?
Product Theaters will be available on-demand anytime the CNTVnow platform is available. Sponsors wishing to offer a Q&A should plan to organize a time with the presenter when they are available to discuss/ answer questions about the Product Theater presentation. Those discussions can take place via the chat on the company page. Sponsors should post a date & time for Q&A on their company page and plan to advertise it. Attendees would ideally watch the presentation before the Q&A session.
When are Product Theater details ie. speakers, description or topic title due??
Product Theater details are due to ACMG by March 19, 2021.
Will we get the attendee list ahead of the meeting?
Due to our privacy policies, ACMG cannot release the mail list directly to sponsors/exhibitors. Attendees have been informed during the registration process that when they enter a sponsors’ page in the Industry Solution Center it will collect their contact information and some demographic data. They are then voluntarily giving your company their data – much like when they give an exhibitor their badge to scan during a face to face meeting.
How can we promote our presence prior to the meeting is we cannot have an attendee list?
The Buyer’s Preview Deck (a pre-show mailing card deck) and a showcase of these cards on the website and within the virtual platform will be the official way to reach registered attendees and ACMG’s targeted mail list before the meeting. This marketing opportunity will help you to attract attendees to your page in the Industry Solution Center and create brand awareness without the worry of creating, printing and mailing of your piece. This very cost-effective method of reaching your target audience is available to all Industry Solution Center companies. All you will need to do is provide logos and other marketing information. The Deck will be mailed to all pre-registered attendees and past meeting attendees (approximately 4,000) approximately 3 weeks before the meeting. An order form will be available at www.acmgmeeting.net in the Additional Promotional Opportunities section. Note: Individual mail lists will not be available for purchase — all pre-meeting mailers will go through the above service.
What promotion and marketing will ACMG do to help promote traffic to the Industry Solution Center?
ACMG will promote the Industry Solution Center on the Meeting website pre meeting, in emails to past and other non registered attendees, in pre meeting emails to registered attendees and in the monthly member ezine.
How do the Retargeting campaigns work?
Retargeting campaigns offer unique and effective marketing opportunities for companies partnering with ACMG. This retargeting opportunity works by keeping track of people who visit ACMG sites via a cookie, and displaying your ads to them as they visit other sites online. ACMG has created and tracked audiences through our site visitors, as well as marketing campaigns since 2017. The sponsor develops a set of 7 ads, which will target our audiences wherever they go online. For more information click here.
How will attendees participate in the gamification feature? This benefit is limited the Collaborator, Partner, Champion and Premier levels.
A list of gamification stops will be available in the platform. Attendees will be required to complete the sponsors’ choice of activity:
  • Viewing content (ex. Product Theater, company video, another video)
  • Entering a room (sponsored topic lounge, sponsored networking event)
  • Chatting with a sponsor
  • Answering a question
  • Making an appointment with a sponsor
  • Clicking a sponsor logo in a networking lounge
  • Downloading a sponsor item in their virtual briefcase
ACMG 2021 Sponsors will be using both the Sponsor Console (a2z) and the virtual platform (CNTVnow).
The Sponsor Console will be used to process invoices and make payments due, enter or update information related to your presence as a sponsor of the ACMG 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting prior to the start of the meeting. Sponsors should upload their company logo, update their company description, add/edit product categories, add social media links, etc. through the Sponsor Console. Much of the information provided in the Sponsor Console will be transferred by ACMG into the Virtual Platform.

The Virtual Platform (CNTVnow) is the main source for content during the Virtual Annual Meeting. Sponsors will submit assets appropriate to their sponsorship level directly to CNTV and the sponsor page will be built for them. There will be a period for review where sponsors can request changes and make additions to their sponsor page.