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MRC Holland is a biotechnology company specialized in the production of assays for gene copy number and gene variant detection. MRC Holland is best known as the producer of SALSA® Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA®) assays. MLPA continues to be the gold standard in the field of gene copy number detection, and MRC Holland’s >350 different MLPA assays are used on millions of samples every year. This includes Methylation-specific (MS)-MLPA assays that allow semi-quantitative methylation profiling for multiple targets simultaneously. Learn more about MLPA

MRC Holland’s continuous innovation in the field has led to the recent launch of   SALSA digitalMLPA™, a revelation in large scale copy number variation detection. SALSA® digitalMLPA is similar to conventional MLPA, but with the ability to examine many more targets. digitalMLPA takes the guesswork out of NGS CNV calls by combining the MLPA technology you trust for CNV detection with the large number of targets you have come to expect with NGS. With digitalMLPA, you can examine more targets than with conventional MLPA, with decreased costs and turnaround times.

MRC Holland also is the producer of the Melt Assay SALSA MC002 SMA Newborn Screen, for spinal muscular atrophy detection in neonates. This simple melt assay detects the single clinically relevant nucleotide difference between SMN1 and SMN2 to identify 95-98% of SMA patients in a fast and affordable way. The assay uses DNA from dried blood spot (DBS) card crude extracts or peripheral blood, and has the added advantage that SMA carriers are not identified.

It is MRC Holland’s mission to manufacture and distribute affordable and reliable genetic tests worldwide. The company’s products are easy to use and implement into research and diagnostic settings, as they run on standard laboratory equipment, use standard platforms and free MRC Holland-developed software for analysis. To learn more, visit www.mrcholland.com or email info@mrcholland.com.