Product Theaters

Product Theaters are 30 minute promotional presentations or activities that provide education, highlight a new service or present information or data on the development of a particular product.
One Product Theater is included in the Partner, Champion and Premier sponsorship Engagement Packages.

If not included in the selected Engagement Package, Product Theater slots may be purchased for $3,000 each. The availability of Product Theaters as an á la carte addition is limited.  ACMG will stop taking applications for these on February 19.

• Product Theater presentations will be pre-recorded by ACMG’s virtual platform provider and will be made available within the platform (in the Product Theater section) as on-demand sessions. Instructions and deadlines for Product Theater pre-recordings will be provided to confirmed participating companies.
• Product Theater organizers are solely responsible for the content of its presentation, including obtaining all appropriate copyright permissions and licenses for slides and other materials that will be presented.

Applications for Product Theaters may be submitted online, by mail, email or fax. Only companies with an approved, contracted Engagement Package for the 2021 ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting are eligible to secure a product theater.
Application Deadline: February 19, 2021