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Complimentary Press Registration Is Now Open for the 2021 ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting – A Virtual Experience 

Join journalists from around the world covering the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting – A Virtual Experience on April 13–16, 2021 

The ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting will be a fully virtual meeting in 2021 and continues to provide groundbreaking research and the latest advances in medical genetics, genomics and personalized medicine. The ACMG Meeting is the genetics meeting most focused specifically on the practical applications of genetic discoveries to clinical medicine. Topics range from common conditions to rare diseases. Sessions include information of interest to the general public, to health professionals and to the industry/trade.

To be held April 13–16, experience four days of professional growth, education, networking and collaboration with colleagues from around the world and discover what’s shaping the future of genetics and genomics, including several sessions on COVID-19. The 2021 ACMG Meeting Virtual Experience is designed to offer a variety of engaging and interactive educational formats and types of sessions.

The ACMG Annual Meeting attracts medical and scientific leaders from around the world who are working to apply research in genetics and the human genome to the diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of genetic conditions and rare and common diseases in patients in the clinical setting.

Interview those at the forefront in medical genetics and genomics, connect with new sources, and get story ideas on the clinical practice of genetics and genomics in healthcare today and for the future. Learn how genetics and genomics research is being integrated and applied into medical practice. Topics include COVID-19, gene editing, cancer genetics, molecular genomics, exome sequencing, pre- and perinatal genetics, diversity/equity and inclusion, biochemical/metabolic genetics, genetic counseling, health services and implementation, legal and ethical issues, therapeutics and more.

Credentialed media representatives on assignment are invited to cover the ACMG Annual Meeting – A Virtual Experience on a complimentary basis. Contact Kathy Moran, MBA at kmoran@acmg.net to be added to our media list and for the Press Registration Invitation Code, which will be needed to register at www.acmgmeeting.net.

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FAQs about Press Guidelines at the ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting

1. Do you give out contact information of registered media?

While we do not give out nor sell the contact information for reporters, we encourage presenters and organizations to develop and distribute their own press materials, as long as embargoes are strictly followed. Please see below.

2. Are posters, papers and presentations embargoed?

Yes, all scientific and educational sessions, study data and presentations are strictly embargoed until the date and time of the presentation at the 2021 ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting. Posters will be embargoed until Wednesday, April 14 at 7:00 AM ET. News releases about research, studies, posters and other related information should clearly state that the information was “presented at the 2021 American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting.”

3. I am a reporter – how can I register for the ACMG Annual Meeting?

Official health, science, medical and genetics media on assignment are invited to register for the ACMG Annual Meeting on a complimentary basis. Media registration will open in early 2021. Reporters must provide proof of verifiable media credentials and be on assignment. For more information and the Press "Registration Access Code" contact Kathy Moran, ACMG Communications and Public Relations Sr. Director at kmoran@acmg.net.