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Social Networking @ the ACMG Annual Meeting

Social media is your gateway to connect and participate in thought-leading conversations with thousands of genetics professionals before, during and after the 2021 ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting - #ACMGMtg21.
Reasons to get on Social Media with #ACMGMtg21

 1. Network with others in the genetics community
 2. Share the ideas you hear at sessions
 3. Get connected to resources
 4. Join a discussion
Join thousands of genetics professionals via the following ACMG social communities:


Facebook - “Like” and follow ACMG on Facebook and read the la news, resources, awards, grants, Annual Meeting information, research, podcasts, media clips, CME and online learning, updates on the ACMG Foundation for Genetic and Genomic Medicine and much more.

Also - “Like "Genetics in Medicine", the official journal of the ACMG, on Facebook and read the la articles available ahead of print, listen to podcasts, view Web focuses, Research Highlights and much more. 


Twitter – Follow ACMG on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/theacmg (@TheACMG) and use #TheACMG for general College and ACMG Foundation news. Use #ACMGMtg21 for Annual Meeting news and conversations.

Follow  Genetics in Medicine on Twitter at www.twitter.com/GIMJournal (@GIMJournal)

YouTube – Did you know that ACMG has its own YouTube Channel?  Check out and subscribe at www.YouTube.com/TheACMGChannel.  Join over 50,000 viewers who have watched videos from the Annual Meeting, Media coverage, Foundation programs and awards, the “Genetics and Your Health” and “Careers in Medical Genetics” series and the very popular “Medical Genetics Residency Programs:  Medical Genetics is the Future of Medicine.”

LinkedIn – For ACMG Meeting news on LinkedIn, there is an ACMG Meeting page on LinkedIn that is open to the public.  Discussions on this page are limited to ACMG meeting related activities.  Any advertisements, promotions, commercial messages or job postings will be deleted!

 If you are an ACMG member, you are invited to join the ACMG Members-only page on LinkedIn.  Members are given advance news before the public and member-only information.

Instagram -  ACMG is on Instagram

ACMG Social Media Policy for the ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting

ACMG Meeting attendees and participants are encouraged to participate in social media activities about the ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting by using the hashtag #ACMGMtg21.  Discussion of general topics, speakers, and presentations is permitted as a way to briefly summarize or highlight material and the conference in general within the following guidelines:

  • Taking photos, videos, screenshots or audiotapes of slides, posters, presenters (live or recorded) or online presentations, or questions and answers are not permitted
  • Social media posts that include proprietary or other sensitive information or information that could directly or indirectly identify a patient or consumer of healthcare are not permitted
  • Rudeness, inappropriate remarks or images and personal attacks are not permitted
  • Copyright and other intellectual property laws must be followed
  • Brief quotes from sessions may be shared unless the speaker explicitly asks that it not be shared
  • Social media posts cannot imply any kind of endorsement by ACMG
  • ACMG reserves the right to delete inappropriate comments
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