Program Highlights

A program format designed to offer a variety of educational formats and several types of sessions during the meeting from Scientific Sessions and Workshops to TED-Style Talks, Case-based Sessions, Platform Presentations and Short Courses, the 2021 ACMG has something for everyone on the genetics healthcare team. 

Short Courses: Tuesday, April 13, 12:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Registration is required and an additional fee applies.

  • A Clinician’s Perspective on Obesity: Syndromic and Non-Syndromic Causes, Treatment and Challenges
  • Integration of Functional Genomics to Improve Variant Interpretation and Diagnosis


  • Genomic Informatics on Clinical Service and Approaches to Evaluate the Unknown/Uncertain

Plenary Sessions:

  • ACMG Presidential Plenary Session: Keeping Vulnerable People Safe during the Covid19 Pandemic
  • Rodney Howell Symposium | Genetics in Medicine Presents: Spring 2021 COVID-19 State of the Science   
  • Laboratory Diagnostic Challenges  (Constitutional and Neoplastic Cases in Molecular, Cytogenomic, and Biochemical Genetics Specialties)
  • TED-Style Talks with Steve Cole and Janina Jeff

Scientific Sessions:

  • Bringing the New Era of Mitochondrial Genomic Medicine to Geneticists
  • The Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes, Circa 2021:  Clinical and Molecular Update
  • Excellence in Medical Genetics and Genomics Through Diversity
  • Unexpected Findings Across the Lifespan: Challenges of Reporting Incidental and Secondary Findings in Young Patients   
  • Clinical Pharmacogenomic Testing: Current Best Practices and Future Landscape
  • RNA and Gene Therapy in the Clinic – From Discovery to Treatment Implementation
  • Chromatinopathies: An Expanding Clinical Spectrum   
  • Telegenetics: Before, During and After COVID-19
  • The Heart of the Matter- Congenital Cardiac Disease and Pregnancy
  • Heritable Human Genome Editing in Clinical Practice: Scientific, Social, Ethical, and Legal Perspectives
  • Adult and Cancer Diagnistic Challenges  
  • Gene-Based Medicines to Treat Metabolic Disorders: Progress and Perspectives
  • Hot Topics: Pushing the Boundaries of Genome Sequencing
  • Implementation of Whole Genome Sequencing as an Example of How to Bridge the Divide Between Research and Clinical Practice
  • Prenatal Diagnostic Challenges
  • A Primer on Regulatory and Compliance Agencies in Genetic Testing
  • What's in a Panel? A Decade of Expanded Carrier Screening in Review
  • ACMG 2021 Cardinal Signs
  • Pediatric Tumor Predisposition Syndromes: Update on Clinical Phenotypes, Associated Tumors, and Clinical Approaches to Surveillance
  • Genetic Health Disparities: From Biology to Healthcare Delivery Systems
  • Sex Chromosome Trisomies - To Screen or Not to Screen? - That is the Question
  • Artificial Intelligence and Genomics – Powerful Tools in Pre- and Postnatal Decision Making
  • The Intersection Between Developmental Phenotypes and Perinatal Genomic Diagnoses 
  • Genetic Counselors Forum: In Utero Fetal Molecular Therapies: Present State and Future Applications

Trainee/Postdoctoral Fellow/Resident and Student Workshops:

  • Early Career Genetic Professionals Workshop - Early Career Job Hunt and Transition Success: What We Wish We had Known
  • ACMG Meeting Student Workshop: Careers in Medical Genetics:  An Informational Session for Students and Trainees

Platform Presentations:

  • Cancer Genetics and Therapeutics
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Legal and Ethical Issues; Education
  • Clinical Genetics and Therapeutics
  • Public Health, Health Services and Implementation
  • Prenatal Genetics
  • Biochemical/Metabolic Genetics
  • Laboratory Genetics and Genomics
  • Featured Platforms
  • Industry Platforms (2 sessions)

Online Exclusives:

  • Plain People, Precision Medicine, and the Legacy of Victor McKusick
  • Power in Numbers: The Benefits of Rare Disease Consortia in Inborn Errors of Metabolism
  • Looking Beyond the Lamppost: Genome-First Approaches to Disease Prevalence, Penetrance, and Phenotype
  • The Evolution of Autopsy in the Era of Sequencing
  • Clinical, Legal, Ethical, and Economic Issues Surrounding Variant Reinterpretation
  • Diversity in Clinical Genetics Practices Around the World