Variantyx, Inc.

Framingham,  MA 
United States



At Variantyx, we specialize in high complexity testing for pediatric and adult neurological disorders as well as rare, undiagnosed diseases.

We've developed a single method approach that provides the most comprehensive genetic testing available. We use PCR-free clinical whole genome sequencing (WGS) as the underlying technology. When paired with our proprietary algorithms, WGS's consistent read depth across >98% of the genome enables identification and reporting of all major variant types including:

  • single nucleotide variants
  • small indels
  • structural variants
  • mitochondrial variants
  • tandem repeat expansions

Our expert clinical geneticists interpret these variants in the context of the patient's clinical symptoms to provide a comprehensive report of relevant pathogenic variants. All from a single sample. In this way, our Genomic Unity® testing eliminates the need for step-wise, incremental testing.

You may be wondering about insurance coverage? Our clinical coordinators handle benefits investigation and we only proceed with testing after prior authorization, clearly communicating any cost to the patient ahead of testing with no balance billing. We work with commercial payors as well as Medicare and many Medicaid providers

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