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Early Genetics Trainee Forum - Fresh Perspectives on the Genetics Workforce Development & Diversity: A Panel of Current & Recent Trainees

13 Mar 2024
Venue: MTCC
Meeting Room: 717 AB
Clinical Genetics and Therapeutics
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    • Basic
The goal of this session is to provide a forum for current and recent trainees to provide their fresh and unique perspectives on workforce development and diversity initiatives. By sharing personal stories and barriers, we hope to foster discussion on concrete ways to promote greater interest in medical genetics.

At the start of each of their presentations, each panelist will spend a few minutes sharing their particular pathway to medical genetics. For example, while Pediatrics training is most common among Clinical Geneticists, one panelist will discuss his experiences training in Internal Medicine. Panelists will also discuss unique aspects of training in combined vs. categorical programs, and how research was incorporated into their career path. By sharing each of our pathways, we hope to portray to the audience the diverse ways in which one may be exposed to, and eventually practice, genetics.  

While we share these perspectives, panelists will also highlight perceived barriers to pursuing medical genetics. Panelists will discuss barriers to applying to residency programs, as well as the confusion surrounding the common misconception that medical genetics is a fellowship and subspecialty, rather than an independent residency. Panelists will touch upon reasons people may steer away from a career in clinical genetics, including compensation, the impact clinical duties may have on research productivity, and limited diversity within the present workforce. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the path one trainee took: pursuing a fellowship in medical biochemical genetics
  2. Outline the training pathways, barriers, and misconceptions in residency recruitment and application process
  3. Identify the time points at which trainees may be steered away from a career in clinical genetics
  4. Describe importance of diversity in training and barriers for non-pediatric-trained providers within genetics
  5. Learn how to navigate the post-residency, pre-faculty environment as a physician-scientist (mentorship, funding, etc.)
  6. Review financial barriers during training process that may dissuade trainees from pursuing a career in medical genetics