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Looking Through a New Lens: The Invaluable Contributions of Genetic Experts in Neuromuscular Diseases (This activity is supported by Sarepta Therapeutics)

13 Mar 2024
Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Center
Meeting Room: 714 AB
Corporate Educational Satellite Symposia are independently developed and supported by ACMG’s industry partners and offer additional valuable educational opportunities for attendees.
Join Sarepta Therapeutics for a presentation on the gene targeting modalities in neuromuscular diseases, highlighting heterogeneity in genetic testing & reporting, and the impact of these diagnostic and therapeutic innovations on genetic counselors and clinical geneticists.
Corporate Satellite Symposia are not part of the official ACMG program and are open to all attendees. 

Dr. Joseph Ray, MD; University of Texas Medical Branch
Brianna Gross, MS, CGC; Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Pre-registration is required.
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Learning Objectives

  1. Review gene targeting modalities in neuromuscular diseases
  2. Discuss heterogeneity in genetic testing and reporting
  3. Explore the impact of diagnostic and therapeutic innovation on genetic counselors and clinical geneticists