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Genome Sequencing in Newborn Screening: Sharing Opportunities and Challenges

13 Mar 2024
Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Center
Meeting Room: 718
Clinical Genetics and Therapeutics
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    • Clinical- Pediatric
Sequencing in newborns aims to identify risk for disease, establish a diagnosis, and initiate care to achieve the best possible outcomes. Large-scale programs and studies underway using genome sequencing (GS) are of great practical and scientific interest for pediatric precision medicine, public health, and public policy, and should help define benefits and harms empirically. Innovative approaches to conducting screening with GS in the newborn period will be presented to illuminate key findings on clinical and personal utility, challenges encountered in program implementation, and potential solutions

Learning Objectives

  1. Compare and contrast opportunities and challenges in GS newborn screening across multiple initiatives
  2. Discuss genetic counseling roles best practice in the offering of GS during the newborn period
  3. Elucidate the socio-ethical and legal risks and benefits for newborns and caretakers receiving GS results
  4. Recommend potential solutions to the challenges encountered in the implementation of screening newborns utilizing GS