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The Importance of Role Models and Mentors and How to Be or Find One - A Workforce Development and Optimization Committee Session (Pre-registration required)

15 Mar 2024
Venue: MTCC
Meeting Room: 803 AB
Health Services & Implementation
  • Accredited:
    • Accredited
  • Primary Categories:
    • Non-Clinical
  • Secondary Categories:
    • Non-Clinical
  • Level of Learner:
    • Basic
When reflecting on important influences for career decisions, people often mention those who were their role models and mentors.   Examining reasons for the shortages in the genetics workforce and ways to overcome them, the ACMG Workforce Development and Optimization Committee recognizes the critical need for role models and mentors who can help encourage the next generation of clinical medical geneticists, clinical laboratory geneticists and genetic counselors.  This session will highlight the importance of being a role model and mentor by those who have influenced others or whose career path was impacted by them. The differences between being a role model and mentor, concrete suggestions for improving one’s performance as a mentor, and strategies for identifying and building a relationship with a mentor from the mentee's perspective will be discussed by the speakers.  Following the presentations participants will break into small groups and have an opportunity to discuss obstacles they face in being a mentor or identifying a mentor, and ways to overcome these obstacles and incorporate mentoring into their daily work.  Following the discussion groups will be asked to present their ideas to the rest of the audience.    


Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the difference between a role model and mentor
  2. List three tips for being a good mentor
  3. Describe one challenge to being a successful mentor
  4. Identify one important quality in a mentor