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Management of Patients Across the Perinatal Continuum

16 Mar 2024
Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Center
Meeting Room: 714/16
Clinical Genetics and Therapeutics
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    • Clinical Genetics
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    • Clinical Genetics
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    • Basic
Clinicians working with patients across the perinatal continuum need to be well-versed in the provision of genomics and well-connected with one another to ensure continuity of care. The increasing use of cell-free fetal DNA screening, carrier screening, chromosomal microarray, and exome/genome sequencing as well as improvements in prenatal phenotyping through imaging has allowed for immense improvements in our ability to diagnose fetuses with or at high risk for genetic conditions. Multi-disciplinary collaboration between reproductive genetics, maternal-fetal medicine, palliative care, neonatology, pediatric genetics, social work, and a variety of other specialists is essential for patients to receive patient-centered care that is comprehensive, timely, accurate, and evidence-based. However, there are numerous logistical, technical, and educational barriers for centers to overcome to provide such services. Additionally, data from neonatal intensive care units and fetal anomaly sequencing studies have shown a significant overlap in the conditions being identified in these populations. Therefore, phenotypic and genomic data sharing across the perinatal continuum, including genome sequencing done as part of newborn screening, is necessary to further expand our ability to accurately interpret genes and variants in future diagnostic evaluations. This session will provide the background and operational tools for providers to manage patients across the perinatal continuum as genomic medicine continues to expand into fetal and neonatal care. Lessons learned in the first four presentations will be solidified by application in the final audience-driven session to discuss and describe a successfully managed case.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the use of genomics across the perinatal continuum
  2. Identify the varied providers and services needed in the care of perinatal patients
  3. Recognize the communication, logistical, and technical tools to provide continuity of care in the perinatal continuum
  4. Reflect on the value and tools for phenotypic and genotypic data sharing across the perinatal continuum
  5. Integrate the knowledge and tools provided in the session to assess the management of a complex perinatal case