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Medical Diagnostic Challenges (Adult and Cancer)

15 Mar 2024
Venue: MTCC
Meeting Room: 717 AB
Clinical Genetics and Therapeutics
  • Accredited:
    • Accredited
  • Primary Categories:
    • Cancer
    • Clinical-Adult & Pediatric
  • Secondary Categories:
    • Cancer
    • Clinical-Adult
This session provides attendees with an opportunity to bring cases to the attention of a panel of experts and an audience of geneticists for discussion of differential diagnosis, treatment, and counseling options in adult patients with genetic disorders. This session provides a lively discussion between the audience and the panel as each case is presented.
All types of cases are eligible: neurogenetic, metabolic, cancer, connective tissue, cardiac, ethical dilemmas, counseling, etc. The cases can be pure unknowns or patients with a clinically uncharacterized or incompletely characterized VUS. Each presentation will be limited to a total of 5 slides with 10 min of time for presentation and discussion with the audience and the panelists. You can present an unknown diagnosis or a rare known diagnosis or even an update on a previously presented unknown case.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss a case presentation from chief complaint to diagnosis
  2. Contribute to a differential diagnosis
  3. Review diagnostic workup suggested by experts
  4. Recognize clinical features of rare cases