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Metabolic Diseases: Strategies to Improve Management of Porphyrias and Porphyria-like Attacks (This activity is supported by Recordati Rare Diseases)

13 Mar 2024
Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Center
Meeting Room: 716 AB
Corporate Educational Satellite Symposia are independently developed and supported by ACMG’s industry partners and offer additional valuable educational opportunities for attendees.
Patients with acute porphyrias, characterized by an enzymatic defect in the heme biosynthetic pathway, often present with debilitating, life-threatening attacks. Patients with some IEMs present with porphyria-like attacks. When correctly diagnosed, treatment may vary among clinicians who manage these patients. Our faculty will discuss recommended strategies to personalize patient treatment.
Corporate Satellite Symposia are not part of the official ACMG program and are open to all attendees. 

Amy Dickey, MD, MSC, Porphyria Center, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital
Angelika Erwin, MD, PhD; Cleveland Clinic; Cleveland, OH


Pre-registration is preferred. Walk-ins are welcome based on room capacity.
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Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss disease pathophysiology of clinical manifestations of acute hepatic porphyria to distinguish from other porphyria-like diseases such as hereditary tyrosinemia type
  2. Review patient cases whose symptoms include abdominal, neuro, and other acute attacks
  3. Implement long-term strategies to manage and minimize disease burden in patients with acute hepatic porphyria