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Pharmacogenetics Implementation: Advancements from Bench to Bedside

15 Mar 2024
Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Center
Meeting Room: 701
Health Services & Implementation
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    • Accredited
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    • Health services and Implementation
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    • Health services and Implementation
  • Level of Learner:
    • Basic
In recent years, the growth of clinical pharmacogenetic testing has been accelerated by advanced sequencing and genotyping technologies, efforts in standardizing testing, adoptions by physicians, pharmacists, regulatory bodies and payers, and availability of additional evidence of clinical utilities through large efforts of pragmatic studies and clinical implementation within precision medicine efforts. In this session, the latest updates are to be presented by speakers, whose work has been driving many of these exciting progresses of the clinical pharmacogenetics, from the bench to the bed side. The goal of this session is to bring the audience up to speed about the current status of clinical pharmacogenetics testing and to learn some of the lessons from early adopters from laboratory testing to clinical implementation, with an overarching goal of educating and engaging the medical genetics community, i.e., medical geneticists, clinical laboratorians, and genetic counselors etc., as the discipline is rapidly growing and becoming integrated into modern genomic medicine.

Learning Objectives

  1. Summarize the considerations of developing clinical pharmacogenetics testing service from laboratory perspectives
  2. Identify the current state of extracting pharmacogenetic results from next generation sequencing
  3. Update on clinical pharmacogenomics testing from regulation, reimbursement, and practice guidelines perspectives
  4. Describe implementation methods used in a health system for integration of pharmacogenetics into routine patient care
  5. Describe the landscape of the psychiatric pharmacogenetics, from development to clinical utilizations