Preliminary Program

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Preliminary Program

Plenary and Concurrent Sessions

  • 2022 Presidential Plenary Session and ACMG Foundation Awards Presentation
  • Four Featured Platform Presentations
  • TED-style Talks
  • 56 Platform Presentations
  • Genetic Counselors Luncheon and  Forum
  • Artificial Intelligence and Genomics: Potential and Peril – A SELI- sponsored Session
  • Health Disparities and Inherited Cancer Syndromes
  • Public Policies and Legislation in Medical Genetics
  • Human Ring Chromosome Disorders: An International Collaboration Toward Better Diagnosis, Interpretations, and Clinical Management
  • Down Syndrome Regression Disorder: Phenotype and Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Rethinking Schwannoma Predisposition Syndromes – Neurofibromatosis Type 2 and Schwannomatosis
  • Balancing Evidence and Expertise: Clinical Practice Resource Development for PALB2, CHEK2, ATM and Beyond
  • Reimagining Pediatric Genetic Service Delivery – Telemedicine Models in the Post-COVID-19 Era
  • R. Rodney Howell Symposium – Population Genomic Health: Expanding the Reach of Genomic Medicine to Diverse Populations
  • Developing Recommendations for the Application of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing in Clinical Care
  • ACMG 2022 Cardinal Signs
  • The ACMG Evidence-Based Guideline Workshop: Our Roadmap from Evidence to Recommendations and the Impact on Patient Care
  • Addressing the Challenges of Variant Reinterpretation
  • The Role of the hnRNP Gene Family in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Secondary Analysis of Newborn Screening (NBS) Data, NBS Pilot Studies and Recommended Screening Panels
  • Laboratory Diagnostic Challenges
  • Adult and Cancer Diagnostic Challenges
  • Prenatal Diagnostic Challenges
  • Pediatric Diagnostic Dilemmas

Workshops, Seminars and Interactive Sessions

  • An Action Plan for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Anti-racism in Publishing: Putting IDEAs into Practice at Genetics in Medicine
  • How can we Maximize the Yield of Genetic Disease Diagnostic Evaluation and Testing? An Interactive Workshop
  • ClinGen Community Curation Interactive Workshop
  • Diversity Breakfast

Short Courses

Two Short Courses will be offered on Tuesday, March 22, from 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM. Short Courses will be livestreamed for online attendees.

  • Episodic Movement Disorder Phenotype in Children: Approach to Diagnosis, Review and Updates of Selected Conditions
  • Clinical Applications of Long-Read Sequencing: Ending the Diagnostic Odyssey and Increasing Diagnostic Yield

Additional fee applies, see Registration page.

Trainee | Postdoctoral Fellow | Resident | Student Activities

  • Trainee, Resident, Fellow and Student Welcome Reception
  • Early Career Genetic Professionals Workshop: Pursuing a Career in Medical Genetics
  • Early Career Professionals – Mentor Luncheon
  • Student Workshop