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Donate with a Purpose

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Donate with a Purpose

Why Donate?

When you travel, every purchase you make generates tax revenue for a state government that may make policies which are out of alignment with your values. Giving to a local charity or cause that's aligned with your personal and professional values can help balance the scale.

ACMG has partnered with to offer meeting attendees the opportunity to contribute to local organizations in Salt Lake City that make a difference in people’s lives. Making a donation provides a way to channel the discomfort or internal conflict felt by some attendees into meaningful action. 

ACMG has worked with SocialOffset to select six vetted charities that support reproductive health in Utah, LGBTQ+ youth in Utah, access to legal services for the disadvantaged in Utah, clinical care for the homeless in Utah, a local children’s hospital in Utah, and the protection of nature in Utah. 

SocialOffset will send 100% of your tax-deductible donation to your designated charity which helps you to offset objectionable regulatory positions from within. Select from any or all recommended causes and local charities to personalize your offset so that it best aligns with your values.