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Ana Iltis

Ana Iltis

Carlson Professor and Professor of Philosophy, Wake Forest University
Ana S. Iltis, PhD, is the Carlson Professor of University Studies, Professor of Philosophy, and Director of the Center for Bioethics, Health and Society at Wake Forest University. She received her PhD from Rice University. She also holds an appointment in the Department of Social Sciences and Health Policy at Wake Forest School of Medicine. She has published widely in bioethics, particularly in regarding ethical issues concerning research, emerging technologies, and experimental interventions. She is a co-investigator on the NIH-funded APOLLO study (APOL1 Long-term Kidney Transplantation Outcomes Network) and a related study, 'Identifying and exploring solutions to the ethical challenges of ApoL1 testing of donors with recent African ancestry through mixed methods research with stakeholders.' She is Immediate Past President of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities, a Fellow of the Hastings Center, a founding Co-Editor of Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics, and Associate Editor of the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy.