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Arpad Danos

Arpad Danos

Washington University in Saint Louis
Arpad Danos is an Instructor in the Department of Medicine at the Washington University School of Medicine, in the Griffith Laboratory, with over 10 years of experience in cancer research. His PhD involved research in diabetes and cancer metabolism at the University of Chicago. His overall goal in pursuing a research career has been to contribute broadly to biomedical science, with a specific interest in cancer, using a wide range of research tools and methods. His research career has consisted of contributions to the fields of glycogen metabolism and cancer metabolism during graduate school, and cancer genomics - specifically somatic cancer variant interpretation - during postdoctorate work at Washington University, which he now continues as an Instructor. Other work has included studies in store operated calcium signaling, analysis of cancer variants in noncoding gene space, and functional genomics studies in cancer related genes. He has contributed to the development of the data and curation models for the CIViC (Clinical Interpretation of Variants in Cancer) database, and is a biocurator and editor for this project. He is involved in multiple ClinGen Somatic Cancer Variant Curation Expert Panels, which develop domain specific curation guidelines, and utilize CIViC as their curation interface. He has been involved in the expansion of the CIViC data model to include multi variant Molecular Profiles, and is leading the effort to develop Variant Classes for CIViC, which will enable curation of clinical evidence associated to genomic regions as well as non gene entities such as tumor mutation burden or microsatellite instability.