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Brian Hon-Yin Chung

Brian Hon-Yin Chung

Prof., The University of Hong Kong
Brian H.Y. Chung is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and an Honorary Consultant Geneticist at various Hong Kong hospitals. He trained at HKU and the University of Toronto and his research interests include clinical application of whole genome technologies, clinical genetics, genetic counseling, and epigenetics.

Brian's work has led to breakthroughs in evaluating undiagnosed genetic conditions. His project "HKU Paediatric Exome Sequencing"evaluated over 1,000 children, providing a genetic diagnosis for 30% of the participants. His research uncovered Chinese-specific founder mutations and contributed to discovering three genetic conditions. In addition to research, Brian established training programs in Genetics & Genomics and a Master of Medical Science (Genetic Counselling) in Hong Kong. As a founding fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, he leads the Precision Medicine Clinical Curriculum at HKU.

Brian's major accomplishment is the Hong Kong Genome Project (HKGP), enrolling over 20,000 participants, sequencing over 10,000 genomes, and achieving a 28% diagnostic yield for the undiagnosed disease cohort. This project highlights the importance of diversity in genomic data and the necessity for end-to-end genome sequencing solutions. As the Chief Scientific Officer of the Hong Kong Genome Institute (HKGI), Brian oversees all scientific activities and leads the Scientific team in achieving HKGI's vision of availing genomic medicine for better health and well-being. Under his leadership, the HKGP has reached milestones, such as recruiting over 17,000 patients, sequencing more than 7,000 genomes, and achieving a 28% overall diagnostic rate.

Brian's dedication to research excellence drives his contributions to genomics, striving to improve healthcare in Hong Kong and beyond.