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Christie Thomas

Christie Thomas

Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, University of Iowa
I came to the University of Iowa following my training in nephrology and physiology and have faculty appointments in the Department of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Obstetrics. We have a growing clinical interest in genetic kidney diseases and working with the Department of Pediatrics and the Genetic Counseling service, we have established a multidisciplinary Renal Genetics Clinic, a first for this region. In collaboration with the Iowa Institute of Human Genetics and Dr. Richard Smith, we have also helped developed the first comprehensive renal genetic panel, KidneySeq, using targeted genomic enrichment and massively parallel sequencing. We have reported on the usefulness of unbiased renal genetic screening for a variety of kidney diseases and have also demonstrated the role of a dedicated Renal Genetics Clinic in serving as a resource for the nephrology community.