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Hannah Weiland

Hannah Weiland

Student research assistent
Hannah Weiland is a dedicated scholar who is deeply interested in understanding the complexities of the human body and mind. She completed her master's degree in psychology with distinction, with a focus on psychotraumatology research. Her research focused on how severe trauma affects the body at a molecular level through epigenetic alterations, as well as the transgenerational impact of traumatic stress. During her time studying Psychology, Hannah also worked for an NGO, which provided trauma counseling for affected people in post-conflict regions in Eastern Africa.
Hannah's thirst for knowledge led her to embark on a second course of study in Medicine, where she is currently in her fifth year. She is involved in research at the Institute of Genomic Statistics and Bioinformatics at the University of Bonn. In her current role, she contributes to the curation of the GestaltMatcher Database, the basis for GestaltMatcher AI. These innovative tools play a significant role in diagnosing rare and ultra-rare genetic syndromes and advancing medical understanding.
Hannah's enthusiasm lies in exploring the connections between the body and the brain. She is motivated by the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary research areas, recognizing the importance of collaboration to tackle complex medical challenges. In addition to her academic pursuits, Hannah is known for her strong work ethic and her ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams. She values the opportunity to learn from others and believes in the power of shared knowledge and expertise.
Hannah Weiland's unwavering curiosity, dedication, and commitment to improving patient outcomes make her a valuable asset in the pursuit of advancing medical knowledge. Her experience working in post-conflict regions also underscores her empathy and commitment to helping individuals heal and recover.