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Ian Glass

Ian Glass

Seattle Children's Hospital
The goals of the undiagnosed diseases network (UDN) are to apply unified clinical and genomic approaches to provide accurate biomedical diagnoses to patients who have already undergone protracted but unsuccessful diagnostic evaluations. Further, this project leverages opportunities for scientific discovery that such unique patients can offer for developmental biology discovery. I am a medical geneticist with almost 40 years of training, clinical and research experience spread across 3 continents. In the PNW-UDN site my role is as a lead clinician and here my clinical and research background and specific expertise in medical genetics enables me to collaborate with a wide range of physicians across many specialties, basic researchers and others. Our rich institutional expertise in pediatric, juvenile and adult neurogenetics, skeletal dysplasia and craniofacial disorders amongst others is an asset given the patient referral mix, with a neurogenetics emphasis in particular. For >10 years, I have also directed a unique NIH-funded R24 funded scientific resource-biorepository with a rich >60 year history.