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Jaeseung Kim

Jaeseung Kim

Laboratory Genetics and Genomics Fellow, Brigham and women's Hospital
I am a Laboratory Genetics and Genomics (LGG) fellow at Harvard Medical School. I am receiving training in cytogenetics at the Brigham and Women's Hospital and in molecular genetics at the Laboratory for Molecular Medicine and other locations. From this fellowship, I have learned the importance of integrating clinical, cytogenetic, and molecular evidence to reach genetic diagnoses. I also gained expertise in various areas of genomics prior to the fellowship. As a master's student with Dr. David Rosenblatt at McGill University, I investigated the genetic causes of rare Mendelian diseases - a novel inborn error of cobalamin metabolism (ABCD4) and genitopatellar syndrome (KAT6B). As a doctoral student with Drs. Faiyaz Notta and John McPherson at the University of Toronto, I analyzed genomes and transcriptomes of BCR::ABL1 acute lymphoblastic leukemias to discover three subgroups with distinct mutational patterns, phenotypic features, and survival outcomes. I am interested in the implementation of high-throughput technologies, such as whole genome sequencing, in clinical laboratory genetics.