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Jeffrey Weitzel

Jeffrey Weitzel

Professor, University of Kansas Cancer Center
Dr. Jeffrey N. Weitzel is Professor and Director, Division of Precision Prevention at the Kansas University Comprehensive Cancer Center, and an honorary Professor of Oncology for the Latin American School of Oncology. Board Certified in Medical Oncology and Clinical Genetics, he has been pioneering the implementation of genetics and genomics in clinical care, addressing disparities in access locally and globally, and harnessing technical advances to conduct innovative translational research spanning the bench, the bedside, rare diseases such as Li Fraumeni Syndrome, and diverse populations. A Breast Cancer Research Foundation Scholar, he was awarded the Conquer Cancer Research Professorship in Breast Cancer Disparities at ASCO 2020. Dr. Weitzel's research experience bridges the era from positional cloning to the realization of whole genome sequencing. He built world class programs in clinical cancer genomics and related education and research over two decades at City of Hope, and also founded the Clinical Cancer Genomics Community Research Network. His collective and interconnected contributions to human genetics education are highly influential and merited the 2019 American Society of Human Genetics Award for Human Genetics Education. One overarching theme for his work is precision prevention and implementation science addressing disparities in access to this lifesaving science.