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Jessica Giordano

Jessica Giordano

Assistant Professor of Genetic Counseling (OBGYN), Columbia University
Jessica L. Giordano, MS, CGC
Assistant Professor of Genetic Counseling (OBGYN)
Associate Director of Womens Genetics Research
Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Jessica is an ABGC board-certified genetic counselor, associate director of womens genetics research, and assistant professor of genetic counseling with 14+ years of clinical, research, and industry related experience in prenatal genetic counseling and testing. In her clinical work, she has witnessed how non-invasive aneuploidy screening, diagnostic testing via microarray, and pan-ethnic screening has transformed prenatal practice, making complex genetics test part of primary obstetrical practice. She successfully led Columbia's fetal exome sequencing study published in Lancet, the stillbirth exome study published in the NEJM, and is the primary manager for the NICHD multi-center study PrenatalSEQ, aiming to study the use of genomic sequencing in pregnancy to change post-natal management and LosSEQ, aiming to study use of genomic sequencing in stillbirth. In these research roles, she consents patients, curates variants, and assesses genotype-phenotype correlations with the goal of ultimately communicating results to patients to impact clinical management. Additionally, Jessica has been integral to the recent development and launch of Columbia's new Genetic Counseling Graduate Program and currently serves as a course director and scholarly projector mentor to their graduate students.