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Jessica Van Ziffle

Jessica Van Ziffle

University of California, San Francisco
I am a laboratory geneticist, board certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics. I oversee clinical genomics testing at UCSF, and am interested in transitioning novel technologies from the research arena into the clinical setting to facilitate the diagnosis of disease in the most efficient and informative manner. I am particularly interested in establishing deep sequencing technologies (next generation sequencing) in a clinical setting for a variety of disorders, including cancer and inherited diseases. I have been involved in studies to establish a diagnostic test for Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia, a comprehensive test which interrogates over 500 cancer genes, know as the UCSF500 cancer gene panel test. UCSF500 is optimized for the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment modification of solid tumors. Use of this test will translate into an increasingly streamlined and informed clinical molecular diagnosis, assessment of disease prognosis, and selection of treatment regiments. In my role as the Laboratory Director of the Genomic Medicine Laboratory, I am involved in clinical exome sequencing for prenatal, pediatric, and adult genetics patients seen in the UCSF Health. Through my clinical role in exome case sign out, and my research activities around the use of this testing, I have been involved in decisions around variant reporting in the prenatal diagnostic space. I am interested in establishing guidelines and best practice approaches to improve the consistency of gene-level and variant-level interpretations and reporting across institutions and laboratories.