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Jonathan Mosley

Jonathan Mosley

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Jonathan D. Mosley, MD, PhD is a clinically trained scientist with a background in mathematics, information systems development and epidemiology and doctoral training in molecular and mouse models of mammary gland tumorigenesis. His research interests include identifying translational applications of measures polygenic variation to clinical medicine to improve health care delivery, reduce unnecessary health care utilization and improve risk stratification. This work typically leverages data from electronic health record (EHR) data sources and epidemiological studies. One focus is on "benign"genetic variation that may cause healthy individuals to have outlying trait values that are misinterpreted as pathology in a clinical setting. These individuals may be subjected to unnecessary testing and evaluations. Dr. Mosley is interested in using genetics to prospectively identify these individuals in order to prevent unnecessary escalations or alterations in clinical care. Other content areas of study include metabolomics, proteomics, and cardiac and other diseases.