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Kevin Strauss

Kevin Strauss

Medical Director, Clinic for Special Children
Kevin Adams Strauss attended Harvard Medical School and completed his residency in pediatrics at Boston Children's Hospital. In 2001, he began his career at the Clinic for Special Children (CSC), where he has served as Medical Director since 2008. The CSC is a non-profit community medical center that provides comprehensive and affordable diagnostic and clinical services for uninsured Amish and Mennonite children who suffer from genetic disorders. Dr. Strauss and the CSC team currently diagnose and treat more than 400 different genetic conditions on-site and maintain active collaborations with clinicians and scientists from around the world. The research program at CSC is translational by intent, and has resulted in reduced morbidity, disability, and untimely death from genetic diseases within communities throughout the world. Dr. Strauss maintains a special interest in the application of advanced molecular and cellular technologies to improve the delivery of preventative health care to underserved communities.